Tzipporah is a character from the Youtube roleplaying series "The Dead God's Wrath." She is a demi-goddess and is the daughter of Isis and her mortal lover, Joseph. While she sides with the humans, she harbors a dark secret that could, perhaps, be the end of humanity all together. She is played by MysticStoryteller.


Tzipporah used to be something of a free spirit, that was until Zeus died. Where she once was a peaceful, somewhat happy individual; she now is somewhat sad and holds a grim outlook on the future. Still, she is independent and strong-willed. She's very maternal, especially to the tribe that brought her up. She's very gentle and caring and is willing to fight for what she believes in. She can also be very playful and sarcastic. However, if you hurt someone she loves, she has a tendency to become very angry (which rarely happens). It is when wrath enters the picture that the Fire Bird can be unleashed and when that happens, Tzipporah is unreachable until the Fire Bird has run it's course.


Isis (goddess of nature, motherhood, magic and fertility) and Osiris (god of the dead) were married, as was expected of them. But Isis, being the free spirit she was, never truly loved Osiris (even though he was always kind to her). After they were married, Osiris became very wrapped up in his godly duties; judging souls who enter the Underworld. Isis ruled by his side, but was often left on her own with very little to do as Osiris had everything under control. She found herself wanting nothing but to be free of the Underworld and free of her duties as Queen.

After several years, Osiris brought in several lost souls to keep Isis company and to help take care of the palace. One of them, a slave, was named Joseph. He was a handsome mortal with a deep, quiet soul and Isis fell in love with him immediately. While the attraction was undeniable between the two of them, neither made a move as it wasn't right. However, the two did become very good friends and, soon, Isis confided in him since she rarely had the time to talk to Osiris.

It wasn't long until Joseph finally could no longer hold back and the two had to admit the truth: that they loved each other, deeply. But they knew their love had to be secret. It would be two months until Isis realized that she was pregnant and Osiris was not the father. Though they knew it wouldn't be easy, they would attempt to raise the child as together as possible- while still keeping their love a secret.


Isis with her daughter, Tzipporah.

Tzipporah would be born many months later to the joy of Isis and Osiris. The whole of Olympus rejoiced and there was a celebration in the happy couple's honor. But Isis was not happy because she felt so trapped. And Osiris noticed. Soon, he began to suspect that Tzipporah was not his child, but Joseph's. It was only when he saw Joseph caring for the child that he realized that his suspicions were true.

He had Joseph brought before him and told him that he knew the truth. When Joseph did not deny the fact, Osiris was both devastated and furious. He brought Isis and watched as the two realized that they had been caught. And when he saw the love between them, Osiris felt betrayed and hurt. He had Joseph put to death and had his wife burned at the stake. As for Tzipporah, he placed a powerful curse on her. He bound her soul to a powerful and destructive spirit called the Fire Bird and sent Tzipporah to Earth to a desert in Egypt; leaving her there to die. Instead, however, she was found and brought into a small but tight-knit tribe. She lived there, happily and was accepted as one of their own.

The Fire BirdEdit


The Phoenix is awakened.

The Fire Bird (also called the Phoenix) is an immortal entity known for it's love of chaos and destruction. Very little is known about the Phoenix, except for the fact that it has been around since the dawn of time. It is very much like a god, because it has the same power and status- though without "weak" human emotions like sympathy and compassion. Before this time, the Phoenix was able to jump from host to host as it pleased- and also free to remain as a spirit without a host. The Fire Bird's past is shrouded in mystery. Some believe that the Phoenix was once a young woman who fell in love with both Hades and Zeus and was cursed by Hades for her betrayal. Others believe that the Phoenix was once a god who was banished from Olympus. Either way, the Phoenix delights in the pain of both mortals and the gods of Olympus. Before being cast into Tzipporah, The Fire Bird was busy creating worldwide chaos (namely wars) while also working to destroy the lives of random citizens. Tzipporah and the Phoenix share a few personality traits: determination, a strong will , high intelligence and a hatred for being

The Phoenix taunts a helpless victim.

trapped. But the similarities stop there. As the Fire Bird is not human, it feels no pity or guilt. It only feels fury and pleasure. Being trapped helplessly in Tzipporah's body is humiliating for the Fire Bird and, as such, it serves as the dark force inside of her; the voice that is always taunting her, tempting her to let it out. The only way to release it, however, is when Tzipporah is feeling intense pain or anger.

Once the Fire Bird is unleashed, it is nigh impossible to stop. It sets a course for chaos and will destroy anything in its path. It will kill anything or anyone, regardless of gender, age or race. It is known to often draw out the suffering of its victim for its own pleasure; sometimes showing the victim their worst fear, taunting them or forcing them to watch as it tortures their family. The only way to stop the Fire Bird is to contact Tzipporah who is usually rendered unconscious. On occasion, however, the Phoenix forces Tzipporah to watch. Still, it is almost impossible to contact her, as she is traumatized and horrified.

The Fire Bird is holding back for now, waiting for the right moment to strike. Though its intentions for the war is unclear, it seems to have some sort of plan that it wants to enact during the heat of the war. Either way, one thing is clear: the Phoenix will surely enjoy the glorious, glorious chaos.



Tzipporah and Harmonia are very close. She is one of the few in Olympus who knows about Tzipporah's curse and is bound to keep the secret, as many of the gods and goddesses could use Tzipporah's power to sway the outcome of the war. The two share many personality traits and, as such, are as close as sisters. Together, they are attempting to figure out a way to control the Fire Bird inside of Tzipporah.