Tulio (SaudaTheAlienWazHere) is the demi-god son of Poseidon, God of the Sea. Tulio was born "defective", however, and cannot control the element his father can - instead, he can manipulate fire in his hands. This strange gift causes him nothing but anguish when it comes to earning his father's love, and so Tulio rebels with recklessness and apathy.

The War, Gods & Bitter FriendshipsEdit

Tulio's attitude toward the war is naturally a negative one, since he is a rebel in all aspects and thus hates the idea of being forced into anything. He'd rather watch the world burn from afar (yes, the fire does make him slightly mental). Besides, he's been dragged into it once before - and he swore never to go back.

Tulio's absolute hatred of this war stems from his bitter rivalry with Sabor, once his best friend, now a hated enemy after he turned him in to the draft. To Tulio's knowledge, Sabor's action was completely out of selfishness, and he swore never to fall into this trap again. He loved Sabor so that he now despises him with as much passion as was the friendship they had. They now play a game of opposing forces, which Tulio finds an annoyance as well as a challenge he's willing to come on to with full determination.

As Poseidon is preoccupied fighting in war, Tulio ventures out and tries anything to stay away from trouble - trouble, meaning Sabor and his 200 "thieves".


Poseidon (Triton) - Tulio's cruel father, who disapproves of his gift so much that he tormented his son as a youth until it drove Tulio to rebel.

Melody - Tulio's little sister, whom he finds a complete nuisance in a loving kind of way.

Sabor (Moses) - Tulio's best friend turned hated rival. Their fights are ongoing, and usually delay them both or land them in further trouble.

Akhesa - Tulio's mischievious Egyptian friend, who keeps the fun going in hard times like these.

Loki (Miguel) - Tulio is deeply afraid to trust the God of Chaos, but made a deal to travel alongside him anyway, for means of safety from Sabor's merciless soldiers.

Destino - Tulio saved her from Sabor when she was about to be sold in to the draft by Frollo. Their relationship is yet unknown after this point.