Here are all the videos that have been made for this Roleplay excluding the intro/audition videos. I tried my best to put them in order, but I only had speculation to go on. So feel free to rearrange them into their proper orders and/or add in any newer videos. Sorry if I missed any.

Dead God's Wrath The RoleplayEdit

thumb|300px|left|Esmeralda's Past, Daughter of Sekmetthumb|300px|right|Hope's Past: The Day She Died

thumb|300px|left|Mulan's Past, Angel of Beauty

thumb|300px|right|Kayley's Past: Daughter of Enyo

thumb|300px|right|Mulan encounters Hope as Lady Death

thumb|300px|left|Mati Meets up With Sinbadthumb|300px|right

thumb|300px|left|Sinbad wonders about his feelings for Mati

thumb|300px|right|John meets Esmeraldathumb|300px|left|Tulio encounters Loki

thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|left|Mati meets Loki

thumb|300px|right|Tisiphone follows John and Esmethumb|300px|left|Esme Meets Phoebus

thumb|300px|right|Jim joins Esme and the gang

thumb|300px|left|Mati and Loki become friends

thumb|300px|right|Odette joins Esme and the gang

thumb|300px|left|John encounters Hades

thumb|300px|right|Akhesa, Esme, Tulio and the gang

thumb|300px|left|Kayley joins Esme and the gang


thumb|300px|left|Mulan strikesthumb|300px|right|John meets his father, Ares.

thumb|300px|left|The Gang encounter Mati and find a little surprisethumb|300px|right|Esme introduces the gang to Circe thumb|300px|left|John goes to the Underworldthumb|300px|right|Macaria wonders if she should introduce herself to John

thumb|300px|left|Hades has a special assignment for Hope