Thanatos is a NPC, or plot device/minor character in Dead God's Wrath rp. So he isn't played by anyone in particular, but still interacts with some of the rp characters. He is represented by (Hell)Spawn from Todd

Spawn as Thanatos

McFarlane's Spawn.

He's usually seen as a tall figure dressed in all black with a red cape devouring his form. He wears a black and white mask to cover his face- which is rotten and decayed.


Thanatos is the God of the Dead. He's been described as a merciless demon whom hated mortals and was hated by them just as much. One dreaded getting a visit from him, but for mortals, he was a fate the was inexorable. One was going to meet up with him sooner or later. And it was a meeting he looked forward to. He was indiscriminate; no one was above death. It was something he believed strongly, and even wanted the immortals to one day cross his path. For he didn't even think they were above death either.


Thanatos's eyes are green and glow, especially when he's angry or is about to collect a soul.

Thanatos was arrogant and thought highly of himself. People would have many different destinies in their lives, but all were fated to join him. He thought of himself as unstoppable, but even he could be cheated.

Which was proven by the King Sisyphus of Korinth who tricked Death into his own shackles. Bound and chained, Death could not perform his duties, so no one died. Getting aggravated with this, Ares, the God of War, went down to Tartarus and freed him.

And He has even been overpowered, something he doesn't like to talk about. But when he came to take the soul of Alkestis, Heracles, a guest of theirs at the time, challenged Death for the right to keep Alkestis's soul.

Thanatos without his mask on, which is a rare sight.

Thanatos took him up on his challenge, but was overpowered by the almighty son of Zeus.

There is a time when death can be sympathetic. He sees the pain of others and allows them an escape from it. Some see Death as a blessing. The only way to escape. He'd happily oblige to help you leave your sufferings. You'd have to die, but at least you won't feel anymore pain.

For certain victims he drags them by chains back with him to the underworld. Some souls just won't go freely.


Thantos is the God of Death, son of Nyx and Erebos- night and darkness. He is one of many children born to their union in the underworld. Some of his other siblings were Gera (old age), Moros (doom), Momus (blame), Eris (strife), Apate (deception), Oizys (suffering), and Nemesis (retribution). He was particularly the closest to his twin brother, Hypnos (sleep).


Thanatos lurking in the shadows.

As Death itself, he was an important god in the underworld, thought of highly by Hades who praised him for yet another batch of souls. Without him, the underworld would cease to exist or atleast won't get anymore souls. Thanatos took his job seriously and did it well. There was never a vacation for him, and there especially won't be now that there is a war going on between the mortals and the immortals. Thanatos is rather pleased with the war. He's never been so busy! He often follows by the side of Lady Death, when she rides into combat, to collect the souls of the bodies as they fell.


Below is a list of characters Thanatos currently has relationships/is associated with.

Nyx and Erebus:

Nyx and Erebus are Thanatos's parents. He especially admired his mother, Nyx, the most. She was the most beautiful and most powerful goddess in the Underworld. Even Zeus feared her wrath. She loved all her children, despite the misfortune and pain they cause upon the Earth. And Thanatos was no exception. Though as powerful as she was, Nyx preferred to stay in the background, and was content with just bringing forth the night upon the Earth. Still Thanatos respected her above all else. She was, afterall, one of the very first of the gods.

Hypnos and Siblings:

Hypnos was Thanatos's twin brother. Although the same age, Hypnos appeared younger. More of a handsome youth who lay sleepily about. For some reason, Thanatos has always been close to his, more than not, cowardly brother who often rested by their mother's side. As for his other siblings like Eris (strife), Gera (old age), Momus (blame), and Oizys (suffering), they all shared a common bond. They were all things that the above world would have been happy to be without. But they were there and they played an important role in the world. They made one appreciate love, peace, youth, and life so much more.


Hades was Thanatos's lord, and he worked as Hades's minister bringing in the souls of the dead for him. Hades thought highly of Thanatos and knows how important the other god is to the underworld.


Macaria is Hades and Persephone's beautiful daughter. She represented Blissful Death and was his gentler counterpart. Thanatos doesn't think much of the young goddess though. Due to her mother's background, he sees her as weak. A child meddling in an art she knows so little about and how important it is. Her curiosity and youth amuses him, somewhat, but he'd never let her know of it.

Hope (Lady Death):

Hope is Hades's illegitimate daughter with the goddess, Aphrodite. When Hope came to the underworld and became the head of Hades's army, He [Hades] assigned Thanatos to watch over her. Not for protection, but to make sure she was doing what she was suppose to be doing. He often accompanies Hope as she rides into batt;e to collect the souls from the bodies that fell. The two have come close-not that close- but familiar with each other, at least. He helped trained her to harness what powers she could find within her so she would be prepared for battle and worthy of the title "the Lady of Death." He knows that Hope still hasn't mastered all of her powers, though.


Ares is the god of war, and somehwhat of a friend of Thanatos. Ares brings in many new subjects for the underworld, and it was Ares alone who freed him from his own chains when he was tricked by the King Sisyphus.
  • Thanatos is currently available for more relationships/associates. Feel free to use him in your parts and stories to represent the God of Death. (I, IrisRainbow, have clips if anyone needs them).

Where is he now?

Thanatos has currently returned to the Underworld.