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Rapunzel utilizing the angelic powers of her hair.

Rapunzel is a Norse angel with some Zoroastrian and Christian aspects. She is a shy, yet powerful guardian angel who has yet to find someone to protect.

Rapunzel is played by viola1396.


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Rapunzel realizes the full potential of her powers as an angel.

Rapunzel is a Fravashi, a guardian angel. She was created by Freyja to stand guard over the Book of Peace, a chronicle of the gods. Forced to stay in the temple over time, Rapunzel eventually grew bored and begged Freyja to let her see the world. At first, Freyja resisted the idea of her favorite creation leaving her protection, but eventually gave Rapunzel the powers of a Fravashi, though she instructed her to wait at the temple until Freyja had found a replacement for Rapunzel and a use for Rapunzel's new powers.

Once Rapunzel realized the full potential of her powers, and the fact that she finally had wings, she gleefully ventured outside the temple, not realizing what awaited her. One of the Fravashi's powers is extreme telepathy- Rapunzel could now hear the anguish and greed in a world she had been isolated from for hundreds of years- and it tore her apart. Breaking down, Rapunzel flew to Yggdrasil to confront Freyja about the cons of her new powers.


Rapunzel rebelling against Freyja.

Freyja insisted that Rapunzel return to the temple, but Rapunzel refused, proving that she was just as stubborn as her creator. Infuriated, Freyja cast Rapunzel out from Yggdrasil, clipping her wings, but not stripping her of her frightening new powers. Rapunzel wandered the earth, in great emotional and physical pain, until Freyr, Freyja's twin brother, took pity on her. He couldn't manage to restore Rapunzel's wings, but he did reassign her.

Now, Rapunzel's waiting for someone to give her a group of people or a person to protect. Though Rapunzel's true alliance lies with the humans, and she helps them wherever she can, Rapunzel can see into the mind of every non-god being, giving her sympathy and insight into both sides. She's prefer for there to be no war at all, but unfortunately, that's not always the way it works.


Rapunzel previously had the ability to fly- her wings have now been clipped, and she is unable to get them back until she reconciles with Freyja. However, she still has her wings, and they reveal themselves only when she is in great distress. Rapunzel can read minds, although she has no control over this power- it is constantly with her. Sometimes it gives her migranes and can cause her great emotional trauma. The only power Rapunzel has that is useful in battle is her ability to sap energy from a person with a mere touch- this makes the victim pass out, and transfers their energy to Rapunzel, which makes her hair glow. As Rapunzel collects this energy, her hand to hand and weapon combat increases in strength.

Like many goddesses, Rapunzel's powers lie in her hair, meaning that if her hair is cut, she'll turn into a mortal. However, it's unlikely to happen as Rapunzel can read the mind of any non-god about to attack her and can smite them within seconds as well.


Rapunzel is shy, clumsy, and slightly eccentric. She loves humans, gods, and demigods alike with a naive and trusting passion. She doesn't always understand jokes or sayings, after being isolated for so long. Rapunzel has and will continue to experience emotional turmoil because of her telepathy; as a result of this, she's very sensitive to others emotions and tries hard to make people happy, which can sometimes be irritating.


Freyja - Rapunzel used to have a great amount of respect for the fertility and war goddess- however, it has been stripped of her after hearing and seeing Freyja's cruelty towards both humans, gods, and Rapunzel herself. Freyja is no longer like an older sister or aunt to Rapunzel- they are enemies, and if they ever encounter each other, there's bound to be a fight.

Freyr - Rapunzel has a good relationship with the easygoing god- he saved her from an eternal life of pointless wandering and gave her a purpose. She finds his presence relaxing and thinks of him as an uncle of sorts.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Rapunzel is currently on Earth being directed by Freyr, and attempting to catch up with Esme and the other demigods.