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Phoebus: Demigod of Shadows

Phoebus (AngeledEyes), born of Erebos and Nyx, demigod of shadows and the night. Phoebus has taken the side of the gods in the war against the humans.


Being born of two primordial gods, Phoebus' powers are more potent than some of the other, lesser demigods. Though his powers are a force to be reckoned with, Phoebus would rather first use his words and then his fists. Phoebus' powers mainly constitute of:

  • Control, manipulation, and creation of shadows.
  • Clouding people's minds, creating confusion.
  • Cloaking himself and other people, objects, places in shadows.


Phoebus is calm, cool, and collected. He never does anything without thinking it through first. He is meticulous in his planning, he never does anything without purpose. On first encounter, Phoebus is always very polite, though he gives off the vibe of cold and aloof. Phoebus is restrained, always adhering to rules, though not necessarily for the reasons people think. Also very moralistic, Phoebus tends to look down on those who openly flaunt immorality as well as disregard for the rules with no reason.

Towards his closest friend, Akhesa, Phoebus reveals more of his emotions, as well as his thoughts and plans. Towards everyone else, though, his motives are a mystery and his emotions, nonexistant.


Phoebus was born eons ago - only Akhesa knows his true age - from the joining of Erebos, primordial god of shadows and darkness, and Nyx, primordial goddess of the night.

Growing up, morals, dignity, honor were all ingrained into him from an early start. His family life with Erebos and Nyx could primarily be described as rather dry. His mother and father, both sharing Phoebus' distinctive lack of loss of control, helped the family lead a purposeful family life, nothing happening without reason. Though all three family members got along with each other and had and gave unconditional love towards each other, those looking from the outside often remarked how cold the family was.

Phoebus met Akhesa early on, the two becoming nigh unseparable. Through many harrowing circumstances, more often than not brought on by the little Egyptian deity's antics, they formed an inseparable bond.

Not much else is known about Phoebus' past up until the day Zeus died and the gods were summoned. Phoebus is now wandering about the halls, rumored to be plotting and planning, for what is unknown. Though, it is suspected that Phoebus is attempting to gain his godhood.


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Phoebus and Akhesa

Akhesa: Phoebus' best, perhaps only, friend. The two met at near birth, becoming instant friends. Akhesa, with her wild antics, helps balance at Phoebus' cold, emotionless demeanor. The two are the best of friends, knowing nothing can possibly come between the two of them

Esmeralda: Phoebus recently meet Esmeralda "preaching the good fight". While at first Phoebus was unamused at her preachings, after a heated game of devil's advocate with Esme, Esme gained Phoebus' respect as well as admiration for having the courage to stand so firmly upon her beliefs, even if Phoebus doesn't agree with the passion she has directed towards her cause.

John Smith: A recent acquaintance of Phoebus'. The two don't particularly know each other very well. However, a friendship is in the making.

Recent SightingsEdit

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Akhesa and Phoebus

Phoebus can currently be seen trying to prevent Akhesa from too many mischevious pranks