Omar (saudathealienwazhere) is the half god son of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Dead. Anubis, having left for war,

The Son of Anubis

leaves his son in charge of all his duties: the weighing of the heart, and the embalming of the dead.

Omar could care less about the war, even fears it, and is not the type to stand up for gods, even his father. He would rather stay at home and be a careless, miscievous youth like many of the Egyptian demi-gods.

Omar & SaborEdit


The rapport of Omar and Sabor

Omar got lucky, in more ways than one, when he stumbled upon Sabor, Sekhmet's prize son, who threatened to draft Omar into the war. Omar has Anubis's approved permit, allowing him to stay behind during the war to complete the important tasks of the Underworld; but Sabor ignored this factor, and would have had him drafted regardless, if not for the relationship they formed as lovers.

Now, Omar and Sabor travel everywhere together, Omar having agreed to help Sabor 'recruit' demi-gods into the war. They have become inseparable, though it is still unclear if either of them secretly has wicked means to later use on the other.