Demi-Goddess Odette

Daughter born of the 'Virginal Goddess' Vesta/Hestia, Odette is currently the caretaker of the flames that bring hope to the people of Earth. This character is played by UsagiTsukinoMoon.

Goddess HestiaEdit


Goddess Hestia/Vesta

Oldest and the Youngest, the first and the last; Lady Hestia is something of legend, something that many women aspire to be; she was the woman who passively stepped down from her thrown with her siblings found another to replace her, she turned away the offers from Apollo and Poseidon of marriage to keep the peace between the gods.

With no longer any purpose upon Mount Olympus, the Goddess of Home and Heart headed down to Earth, where the people welcomed her with open arms. Their love and praise fell upon the Goddess’s heart and she became ever so happy that she promised eternal protection, and to show she kept her promise she started an eternal flame and uttered one thing; “As long as the fire burns my protection shall not be lifted, but the day it ceases…Chaos will fall upon mortal land.”

For many years Hestia remained upon the mortal plain, rising many young women and crafting them into perfect young ladies; her Vestal Virgins, who would maintain the fire. Nevertheless, a woman’s heart is easily won when the man who holds the key walks in, and she fell head over heels in love with a young solider. The two married in secret, due to the promise she had made upon Zeus’s hand and by time the ninth month came, a young child was born into a world.

Hestia adored her family, and she refused to return home and remained with them until the most heart-shattering thing happen. Her husband died without warning, leaving behind a Goddess and her daughter. Scared and hurt, she returned to Olympus, leaving her daughter in the caring hands of those who looked after her temple. She had watched from above on her daughter, making sure she done right.

But when her brother brothers the Goddess found herself even more angry, even more hurt and upset. The remains of her heart shattered and she turned her back upon back, lifting her protection without warning…Forgetting about her daughter who still walked upon the ground below.


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