Nele is a character in Dead God's Wrath Roleplay. She is the daughter of Macaria and John Smith (Alkaios) and
twin sister of Ariston. She is represented by Nele from Jester Till. This character currently has not been born/conceived yet! So more will be added later.


Nele is known for being smart-alecky or also known as a "smartass." She's rather self-assertive. Never hesitating to point out her views and how she feel things should be. Though, she doesn't like being corrected herself. She always speaks her mind. And isn't shy about admitting any displeassures she might have. But she's easily amused, and loves to laugh and be entertained. She loves the theatre, art, and plays. She really admires the gods, Athena and Apollo.

She admires Apollo's diversity. How he contributes so many things to the world of art and music, and how he can be the god of so many things. She looks up to Athena for the goddess's wisedom and strategic mind. Nele herself has quite a strategic mind too. Which seems to show signs of being a war god, but she mostly comes up with strategies and plans to help people rather than win wars. She has the temper of a war god, though. Easily losing her head at the slightest of criticism or insult. But her heart is that of a love god, for she greatly supports peace and helping the fellow man. She believes its the gods duty to help the humans and put them back into their guiding hands, instead of killing them off. For what good would that do?


Nele is the daughter of John Smith (Alkaios) and Macaria, the Goddess of Blissful Death. She is the granddaughter of Hades and Persephone, and Aphrodite and Ares. And is the niece of Hope, Melinoe, Harmonia, and Kenai (plus other of Aphrodite's children).

*She currently has yet to be born.