Mulan is an Angel created by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty. She was eventually sent to Earth by Aprodite as a gift to Her followers. Since the break out of the War she has decided to help the humans. She is played by Gowergirl1986.


Long before the present events, Mulan lived in a realm filled with Aphrodite's creations. She felt very plain compared to them and often became isolated. It was only when Mulan learnt that she was to be sent to Earth that she realised why she was given her appearance. It made the humans feel more at ease for her to look as they do. Although Mulan was not too close to Aphrodite's other Creations, there were some God's and Demi-God's she was on friendly terms with. However she has lost respect for many God's as they treat humans and creations like herself as play-things, as though they are there to serve them. Perhaps that is true, but Mulan wants to believe that her life has more meaning than pleasing others and doing their bidding. That is why her friendships with both Harmonia and Hope were so important to her, they made her feel like she mattered.



Harmonia and Mulan

Harmonia is the Goddess of harmony and concord, and also the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares. Although Mulan and Harmonia are not actually related, Mulan has always seen her and Hope as the sisters she had always wanted. Harmonia taught Mulan lessons in the importance of peace and unity. It is Harmonia's influence that has led Mulan to find the strength in believing what she has chosen to do is the right decision.

Hope {aka. Lady Death}:

Hope is the daughter of Aprodite and Hades. Aside from Harmonia, Hope was Mulan's closest friend and she visited her often. She felt that Hope was the sister she never had. When Aphrodite gave Mulan the news that
she would be sent to a settlement on Earth to live and help guide a group of her followers, Mulan was upset as she would be unable to keep visiting Hope. She chose to say her goodbyes while Hope was sleeping, thinking it was for the best. Mulan did not see Hope again until some time later when she was travelling with a small human army. Hope appeared, but now she was known as Lady Death and her appearance had changed quite drastically. Mulan's life was spared, but now she is left to wonder what had happened to her friend, and guilt for not being there when she obviously needed support.

Where is she now?Edit

Mulan was left alone after the humans abandoned her after learning she wasn't human after the attack by Hope. She is currently wandering on her own, looking for some help.