Melody is a character in the roleplay The Dead God's Wrath created by ZincHeart.


Melody is a twelve year old girl who is rather small and thin, with black hair pulled into a low ponytail, and blue eyes. She usually wears an ivory shirt and pants, and her mermaid fin is red-orange.


Melody is a daughter of Poseidon, God of the Sea, making her a demi-goddess. She knows Poseidon has probably been around with everyone, so she expects having more siblings than just the older brother she lives with, Tulio. She has loved the sea for a very long time and often spends her time swimming and exploring the waters. She has the ability to transform into a mermaid at pure will, and for fun, she reverts back from a human and a mermaid all the time. She has heard of the war, knows her father is currently fighting in it, but is unsure of whether she should fight or not. If she has other abilities, she doesn't know it yet.

Melody isn't that close to Poseidon, mostly because he's never around and he's always cruel to her older brother. But that doesn't mean she's all that nice to Tulio, either. He has always been a rowdy trouble-maker, and thus they are constantly bickering like regular siblings. She always gets mad at him, but she never takes it too far and usually lets him win the fights, because she still loves him and is secretly afraid of being alone (but she'll never EVER admit it.)


Having to be the "boss" over Tulio (even though he's much older), Melody tries to act mature and adult, although sometimes it can make her look cold and uncaring. But she's really a sweet and kind girl once you get to know her. She hates not being in control sometimes, believing things will work out better under her own command (and she's usually right.). She's a very good liar, but she only lies when she has to.

Relationships and WhereaboutsEdit

Whereabouts: Currently she's at Olympus, wondering where Tulio runs off to all the time. She's preparing to go and follow to see where he goes off to.

Tulio: Average siblings xD

Akhesa: Melody hears about her many times from Tulio's recount of his day. She hasn't met Akhesa yet but she figures she's just as rambunctious as her brother is.

Pheobus: He's around Tulio and Akhesa, too, but he seems to try stopping their pranks, like Melody tries to attempt sometimes...

Sabor(Moses): She's only heard of the guy through the whining and complaining of Tulio. She doesn't know if he's dangerous or if he's just an ex-boyfriend or something.