Marina (StormCin), a daughter of Poseidon, couldn't care less whom won the war.


No one knows why Marina has grown up to such a cold person. Although she will be physically intimate with anyone, she has never really opened up to somebody. She's just as likely to curse you out as she is to hit on you. If you make an enemy of her, she'll try to kill you in anyway. She'll also try to steal your boy/girl, and seduce you.



The secret power Marina would rather forget about.

Marina only hints at her powers. While it is clear that she can control the weather; storms, rain, hurricanes, and the like, she has a power that she represses. After a horrendous accident, she swore never to use the power again.


Born to a human mother and Poseidon, she grew up estranged from her god-side of her family. Besides Poseidon and Mati, nobody of that side of her family even knows that she existed. The oldest of her family, she avoided them the plague. Instead, she turned to sex and booze to fill her time.


She despised her father, and the fact that he would ask her to fight for him after he abandoned
Marina and Tulio

Marina and Tulio's first meeting... was unexpected.

her only caused her more rage.

Her Mother:Edit

All that is known is that she is dead. Marina doesn't like to talk about her death.


After arriving in town, Marina spies a young man and they quickly begin to flirt. Unkown to her, this is her brother Tulio. Marina falls in love with the man. Sabor informs them both that they are siblings, but Marina can't deny her feelings to herself.


Marina's half sister, neither girl can stand eachother. Mati is the only one that knows of Marina's past, but not even she knows of Marina's full power.


Marina is chasing after Tulio and waiting to see if he will accept her. In more ways than one.