Macaria is a NPC, or plot device/minor character in Dead God's Wrath rp. So she isn't played by anyone in particular,

Princess Teegra as Macaria

but still interacts with some of the Rp characters. She is represented by Princess Teegra from Fire and Ice.


Macaria is the Goddess of Blissful death. She is sort of a sweeter counterpart to Thanatos and the Keres who represented death, in general, and violent death. Macaria represented dieing in a more peaceful manner. Perhaps the dieing of old age or death in one's sleep. She wasn't a feared death, at least. Maybe the death that gently takes one in, but one probably already knew it was coming.

She was soft and gentle and very beautiful. The prized daughter of Hades who was known for being overprotective of her. She served as a close companion to her mother, Persephone; often by her side and tending to her needs. But Macaria was a curious youth, and often wondered about the world above. She longed to see it, especially when her mother would leave for the spring and come back with stories of her time away.

Macaria found it all so unfair. She never got to meet any of the other gods (except the ones from the underworld) she's heard so much about, so most of her knowledge of them are things that she's heard from others. Like the war, and the death of Zeus. Hades strictly forbade her from getting involved, and not knowing much about the humans (the closest to humans she got to were their souls) nor the gods, so she didn't know which side to take anyway. And Zeus was partically a stranger to her. She knew most of her information about him through stories, and not very pleasant ones as told by her father, but she had heard that he did once try to pay her a visit. All this made her even more anxious to get out of the underworld and see what was going on.

Her desire to leave is much like that of Ariel (Little Mermaid) who longed to see the world above, and Shilo's (Repo!:TGO) need to escape the tomb that she was in.


Macaria is the daughter of Hades and Persephone, assumingly born of their forced union. Growing up, Macaria was the untouchable princess of the underworld. She was well loved by her parents. Hades, in particular, was very protective of her. Due to her beauty, many gods wanted to marry her, but Hades kept strict guard over his daughter. She was never allowed to leave the underworld and was to remain soley by her mother's side. She wasn't allowed to have any visitors either, incase of a god disguised as a soul/spirit might try to seduce her. Macaria hated being bound like this, and she wished she could see the above world for just once. To walk in the sun and leave the depressing and dark world that is the afterlife. She felt like the living among the dead.


Below are a list of characters that Macaria is connected/associated with.


Hades is Macaria's father. She loves him, respects him, and is loyal to him--usually, but hates how overprotective he is of her. He won't allow her to visit the world above nor have many visitors from there. He gives her nothing more to do than to stand by her parents side,look pretty, and take the souls that lie peacefully.


Persephone (Core) is Macaria's mother. The two have always been close, and had no choice but to be. Persephone looked to her daughter for comfort while she stayed in the underworld, and Macaria wasn't allowed much around anyone else. Persephone often told her daughter about the beauty and wonders that lie above. The flowers that would bloom and the people and animals that would dance when she left to welcome in the spring. Her mother's stories are what sparked her interest in leaving the underworld, but Macaria knew it wouldn't be possible, not as long as Hades had something to say about it.


Thanatos is the God of Death. He is a minister of Hades and works for him personally. Sort of like his right-hand man. In being so, Macaria saw much Thanatos in her life. He was the one always there getting orders from her father and helping him see to the dead. He was kind of that older brother to her that one grew up being jealous of cause they got to do everything and was getting all the praise and approval from their father. She didn't like Thanatos very much, mostly cause he looked down on her. He saw her as a child; a little girl that knew nothing of the art of death. He thought of her as weak, and Macaria so longed for a chance to prove to him, and her father, that she wasn't.

Hope (Lady Death):

Hope is Macaria's other half-sister (daughter of Hades and Aphrodite), and the only other sibling she knows of. When Hope first came to the underworld, Macaria look to her in great interest. This girl came from above. She probably can tell me so much about it. But Hope wasn't in the mood to chat, and shrugged the young goddess off. Though they've become closer since then, Macaria can see that Hope doesn't completely trust her.
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Where is she now?

Probably in the underworld bugging Hope for details about her last visit to the above world.


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