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Kidagakash Nedakh (Kida) was born to King Kashekim Nedakh and the Olympian goddess Artemis, making Kida a demi-god. She is roleplayed by toxicrosexx (formerly theblueprincesse).


Once, when Artemis was visiting a local kingdom, she met Kashekim; a wise and handsome man who had mysterious unknown powers, making him not an ordinary human. He fell under the spell of Artemis, even though he was unaware of her true being. He was kind to her and welcomed her to his kingdom and palace. After a few weeks, Artemis soon began to love Kashekim; and gave birth to their daughter Kida. Because of her Olympian title, Artemis went under an alias while in the kingdom and only told Kashekim about her true goddess-like form.

Three years after Kida was born, Artemis decided it was her time to leave. She had Olympian duties to take care... and she was beginning to become paranoid that other people would find out that she was no longer a virgin goddess. To protect her beliefs and her reputation, Artemis bid her family one last good-bye and left her daughter and lover heartbroken. Years passed and Kida grew up an extremely gifted child. She excelled in academics and sports, as well as being able to do more magical things. On Kida's seventeeth birthday, war broke out between the gods and the humans. Her father passed away not long after (due to sickness), but told her in the last minute of his life that Kida was indeed a demigod, and that her mother was Artemis.


Kida is very kind, but will bite back when being accused or when people are being mistreated. She definitely does have a backbone; and has a bit of a temper to go along with it. Kida is mature but still loves to have fun. She is also extremely courageous.