Name: Kayley

Race: Demi God

Parents: Enyo (Goddess of War) – Mother

             Unnamed Human - Father

Powers: Unknown

Skills: Swordplay and the art of war


Kayley was the result of a night of celebration after Enyo and her brother, Ares had once again led an army to victory. When Kayley was born Enyo wanted very little to do with her only daughter, deciding that the girl was weak because of her human blood and not worth the time or effort. So, Enyo left the baby girl to be raised by a human woman.

Kayley was eight when she first became aware of her divine heritage. Although her Nana had always told her stories of the gods Kayley had never believed them. However, on Kayley`s eighth birthday Enyo decided that it was time they became acquainted. The Goddess presented her daughter with a sword, forged by Hephaestus himself, and designed specifically with Kayley in mind. Kayley was told that the sword would grow with her and its strength was determined by her own.

Kayley was never well liked by her peers, she was always different from her classmates and if she was perfectly honest Kayley preferred it that way. She couldn’t stand the high-pitched giggles of most of her female classmates and the ridiculous posturing done by the males made her want to bring their egos down a few pegs. As a result most of her classmates steered clear of her unless they had no other choice.

Kayley had mastered swordplay at fourteen and had always enjoyed the thrill of a good fight. It got to the point that she would purposely provoke her classmates just to fight, afterwards excusing it as hand to hand combat.

She was deemed unpleasant and unapproachable by humans and worthless and weak by her mother. She was wanted by neither and so, Kayley kept to herself.


Kayley heard about Zeus’ death and the approaching was from her mother. It was only the second time the goddess had visited her daughter and Kayley hated that the only reason was to ask her to fight. Kayley couldn’t believe that despite the fact that Enyo believed her to be weak and worthless the goddess had the nerve to ask her to fight for the gods.

Kayley adamantly refused to fight for the gods or the humans for that matter. She glared at her mother as she announced that only if she was given a damn good reason to fight would she draw her sword for either side. After this was said Kayley left her home, she has no idea where she’s going but she really has no desire to be found.