John Smith (LithonielPwnz) is a grey-area character in the Dead God's Wrath RP. Son of Aphrodite and Ares, he was raised by humans, and therefore does not want to fight for the gods. Still, he's not sure if he wants to fight for the humans, either.

Early LifeEdit

Alkaios was born to the adulterous Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and her lover, Ares, the God of War. He was one of many children born from the affair, and the youngest of all. Hephaestus, Aphrodite's husband, learned of the newest bastard child, and in rage kidnapped the child and brought him down to Earth. He gave the baby child to a pair of mortals, who named him John, so the young child would grow up as a human and hopefully never return to Olympus. Aphrodite was devastated at losing her child, and has never seen him since.

When John reached puberty, he began to experience very strange occurrences. Women of all ages showed extreme attraction to him. Even his mother, who he believed to be his biological mother, began to make advances towards him. His father, disgusted at how his wife acted around their adopted child, prayed to the gods to make this stop. Eros, John's brother, listened to his prayer, and, not knowing that John was his missing brother, shot John's mother with an arrow, making her smitten with and only with John's father. John, not knowing what had happening, was relieved that his mother stopped, but he still wondered why women everywhere seemed like they were falling in love with him.

As he got older, John also got into many fights with local boys his age. He quickly became hated by the men of his town due to his rather violent nature, but eventually John learned to control himself. Still, the urge to fight someone was there, and even into adulthood, he started to harbor feelings of bloodlust.

Before the WarEdit

Five years ago, at the age of twenty, John's parents finally told him the truth - that he was the son of Ares and Aphrodite. John was calm, as he still loved his parents even thought they were not his biological ones. As they told him the story of how they found him, John grew to hate his real parents. He was hurt at the fact that they didn't seem to try to find him, because, he thought, if they really wanted to find him he would have been found by now. At that moment, John cursed the gods, and swore never to associate himself with them.

He began to live on his own, aimlessly traveling. Now that he was in his twenties, he himself began to seek women lustfully. Women everywhere fell for his charming looks, and he took it to his advantage. He went from town to town, laying with women of all sorts. He could manipulate them anyway he wanted, whether he wanted to stay in their homes for a while and live off of them temporarily, or if he just wanted to have a good time. This was his life, and his life seemed pretty good.

At some point in his life, he crossed paths with the Fury Tisiphone. He was awestruck at the sight of her. Something about her seemed different from all the other women he encountered. He couldn't say he was smitten, it was just his lustful feelings talking. Still, she fell in love with him thanks to his power, and he laid with her. Afterwards, he suddenly began have feelings of guilt. Suddenly, he harbored feelings of regret for all the women he had manipulated into sleeping with him. John realized he couldn't do the same to Tisiphone. There was just something about her, something he couldn't bear to lead on. Quietly, he snuck out and disappeared into the night, leaving her with a broken heart.

The WarEdit

John heard the news of Zeus's death. Though Zeus was technically his grandfather, he couldn't seem to care at all. However, he knew that his death would bring about a war between the gods and the humans - a war he would rather not take place in. It wasn't just that the gods seemed selfish, and that his own parents didn't seem to care about him, it was also that humans were weak compared to the gods, and there was a high probability the humans would lose this war, anyway.

One day, John took refuge in an abandoned temple, where Esmeralda, half-goddess daughter of the Goddess of War, Sekhmet, had found him. She asked him if he was Alkaios, the son of Ares and Aphrodite. John took one look at her, and he was immediately smitten. She had to be one of the most beautiful women he ever laid eyes upon, and he wasn't sure if it was his lustful thoughts talking, or it was something else. Still, he had an instant attachment towards her, and was shocked at the fact that she didn't seem attracted to him. Finally, someone who wasn't empowered by his looks. She told him about the war, and how she was recruiting demi-gods and the sorts to fight for the gods. John told her he wasn't interested, as the gods did nothing for him and so he owed nothing to the gods. This made Esmeralda annoyed, but John agreed to travel with her to recruit people on the side of the gods, the only reason because he was too smitten with her beauty.

During their travels, John told Esmeralda that he needed to get some fresh air to think, and went on his own for a little bit. Hades, the God of the Underworld, approached him, telling John he was his uncle. John asked him what he wanted, a bit annoyed that all these deities were pestering him about the war. Hades revealed to John that his mortal parents had died in his absence (though Hades actually killed them, a small detail he failed to tell John), and that he had the power to bring the back, for a price of course. He wanted John to fight for the gods in the war, and if they won, Hades would return John's mortal parents back to him. John was angered at this proposal, and demanded that Hades get away from him. Hades obeyed, swearing that John would come to him eventually.

Reunited with Esmeralda, John and her took refuse in a cathedral, as is had begun to rain. Tisiphone, John's previous fling, had been following John, and following him into the cathedral. She saw him with Esmeralda, and noticed his obvious attraction towards her. She was hurt, finally realizing that her love for him was just a fabrication, and in rage attacked Esmeralda. John stopped her, and tried to tell her why he left her. Tisiphone, too upset to talk to John, ran outside, and was followed by Esmeralda. John was upset that she had to find out this way, and regetted it.

After dealing with Tisiphone, Esmeralda and she returned. John asked if everything was alright, and it seemed so. Afterwards, the demi-gods sheltered at the cathedral for a while, where they met Jim Hawkins, the last son of Zeus, and Kayley, John's cousin.

Nice and rested, the group traveled into a forest. They stumbled upon a cottage, where they heard screaming and a woman leaving the cottage. Tisiphone quickly recognized the woman as Mati, and the group went inside the cottage. They found dead bodies of mortals, but found an abandoned demi-god baby. Esmeralda realized the woman was clearly not on their side, and the group decided to keep the baby.

[Info about Circe to be inserted later on.]

Ares, learning of John's whereabouts from Hades, ambushed the group. He had a quick duel with John, in which John refused to fight back, angering Ares. Ares told John he had been with the humans for too long, and had grown weak. He injured John by making his helmet explode before departing.

The violent encounter with Ares angered John, and he realized that he wanted his parents back, all part of Hades' plan. Though it was painful to part with Esmeralda, he told her he needed to take care of something, and he would someday be back. He headed into the Underworld, where he met Hades. Hades told John that all he needed to do was fight for the gods, and when the gods won, he would be given his parents back. John agreed, and made the deal with Hades. However, Hades used a special type of deal, in which John would die if he went back on his promise. John was furious of learning this, but Hades disappeared before John had the chance to do anything. His half-sister Hope later appeared, and told John how she was in a similar situation. John coldly showed that he didn't care, angering Hope. Unfazed, John told Hope he needed to go rest, and left.

John is now staying in the Underworld, where he has caught the attention of Macaria.


If it's one word that can describe John, it's arrogant; cocky, even. Having women everywhere fall in love with him has given him the idea that with just one smile, he can get anything and anyone he wants. He also has a very small idea that he's invincible, and this has lead him to not be afraid of pretty much anything. He badmouths anyone who pisses him off, whether it's a god or not.

His favorite subject is women. Any woman he finds attractive he will definitely try to pursue. Even if he doesn't pursue them, he's very flirtatious toward any woman he meets. Rejection is one thing he's not used to, and if he's ever reject, he will get pissed immediately.

John can get easily annoyed by anyone. All he wants is a long and happy life, not full of duties or anything. Anyone who interrupts that pisses him off immediately. However, there are times where he can be nice, and somewhat of a good person. If he sees evil being done, he'll definitely do something about it. If he really cares about someone, he'll be very protective of them, no matter how much they annoy him.


Though John is technically a god, as he is the child of two Olympians, he is only as powerful as your average demi-god due to the fact that he was raised by humans his entire life, and never got the chance to unlock his full power. Still, John can hold his own against his own kind.

  • Irresistible Love - John has the involuntary ability to make any woman fall in love with him, a gift he inherited from his mother. John's power works on every being EXCEPT MAJOR GODS AND THEIR DEMI-GOD CHILDREN.
  • Superhuman Strength - John is strong enough to carry about three tons worth of weight.
  • Superhuman Agility - John is extremely agile and can be very light on his feet. He's far from graceful, but he's able to dodge attacks no problem.




John likes to annoy Esmeralda sometimes.

John is absolutely smitten with her. He considers her the most beautiful person he's ever seen, and is amazed with the fact that she is the first woman he's met who hasn't immediately made advanced on him. Though he's against her beliefs on fighting for the gods, he is attached to her, and has agreed to travelled with her only because she puts him in awe.

Pocahontas (Tisiphone)Edit


To some degree, John still cares about Tisiphone.

The first woman John ever regretted using, mainly because of her ability to make people guilty. John had only lustful feelings for her, and she unfortunately fell under his power and fell in love with him. After he left her, she began to stalk him, as she was still in love with him. It wasn't until she found John with Esmeralda that she realized her love for him was fake.


Daughter of Enyo, Ares's sister, John is cousins with Kayley. Unlike the rest of his relatives, John automatically gets along with his cousin. Whether it was just because they're both War Gods, or some other unknown factor, John is already highly protective of his cousin.

Hope (Lady Death)Edit

Hope is half-siblings with John, as she is the daughter of Aphrodite. John hasn't bothered to get to know her, as he was too furious at Hades after Hades tricked him into a promise that he couldn't break or else he would die. When Hope tried to sympathize with him, John coldly told her he didn't care, and walked away from her.


John's mother, who he's never seen. She hasn't seen him since he was a baby, but she loved him very much. Unfortunately, John doesn't know this, and has assumed she's forgotten all about him, and doesn't want anything to do with her.


John's father, who he's never seen. Ares hasn't seen him since he was a baby, and it's unknown just how he felt about John. He is the one who gave John his name, Alkaios, meaning "strength". John believed that Ares has forgotten all about him, just like Aphrodite, and doesn't want anything to do with him.


John's "uncle", but more specifically his great-uncle/cousin. Needless to say, John hates him. Hades tried to bribe John into joining the gods' side in the war by offering to bring John's parents back from the dead (though John has no idea Hades killed them in the first place). Hades, in his own way, likes John, mainly because he is the child of his favorite nephew (Ares).

Jim HawkinsEdit

Though not the closest pair, Jim's the closest thing to a little brother figure John has. They get along just fine, and John entrusted Jim with watching Esme while he's down in the Underworld.