Jim Hawkins is the last son and child of Zeus that was born before Zeus' death 17 years later. He is perhaps one of the youngest demigods out there.


Jim Hawkins is a tall, lean 17 year old boy with brown hair that he usually ties back into a small braid and blue-grey eyes. He dresses in black boots, a brown jacket, white tee and green cargo pants. He also has a gold earing in his left ear.


Jim Hawkins is a typical teenager in the sense of being tired of being told what to do. He isn't about to join the war on the God's side because his mother and his godly family want him to. Nor does he want to be told what to do by someone else. He is cold, distant, has huge mood swings, doesn't easily trust anyone and doesn't care. He is holding a hot burning hatred in his heart at his father who is now dead. He is a trouble maker at school because he can't seem to pay attention in class and has a need for danger and speed.


Jim is powerful. After all, he is the son of Zeus, King of the Olympians. Yet, growing up without any help from his father nor other demigods, he doesn't know how to control it. He is fighting a loosing battle trying to keep all this energy inside him and it is starting to burn him up. Without proper training, this power could eaither destroy him or turn him into a monster. Mainly, his power consists of:

  • creating, controling or otherwise influencing lightining bolts
  • creating small fires and expolisons

Please note that half these things happen involuntarily and Jim doesn't know when it will happen nor does he want these things to happen. Thy just do. Currently this is becoming more and more of a problem.


Jim grew up with his mother, Sarah Hawkins in a small town. He always wanted to be like everyone else but because of his lineage and the fact that he didn't have a father, most kids wanted nothing to do with him. He hated school mostly because he didn't understand why he needed to learn things that were so plain such as biology and literature. He constantly got into trouble with the teachers and soon started skipping school, instead going into skateboarding and snowboarding as past times.

His mother never told him about his father and at the age of 8, Jim gave up waiting for this "father" to come home. He started to hate the man that left his mother and never even bothered to call. With this slowly growing hate came the awakening of his powers. One day, he got so angry that his mathhomework on the table burst into flames. Surprised and frightened, he finally discovered who his father was. That didn't really make him happy since he wanted to be normal.

His need for danger and the rush of adrenaline forced Jim to take his passions onto new levels and the amount of trouble rose as well. Now he was getting caught not only by teachers but also by the cops. His mood swings became constantly larger and things turning to flames also increased. When he found out his father was murdured that didn't really change much in his life except for his mom and Greek gods suddently wanted him to fight on their side.

Jim, unable to further hide his powers nor stand the annoying arguments of his relatives left home one night, leaving his past behind. He ran though he didn't know where. He tried to control his "curse" (powers) but slowly he started to give up. That's when he found Phoebus and his followers whom he joined.


Phoebus: Jim met Phoebus after he ran away. He suddently realized that he wasn't alone anymore and joined the ranks of the demigods that followed this cold and cautious leader. By this time Jim didn't care which side he joined as long as he wasn't alone.

Esmeralda: Jim has just met Esme when she started to recruit him for the war. He yelled at her, telling her that he never wanted to join it. Suprisingly for him, she didn't get mad and instead offered a deal: she would help him learn to control his powers while he would travel with her. After a moments thought, Jim accepted because the power is starting to kill him. Immediately their relationship is warm and friendly. He is secretly starting to develop a crush on her though he knows he doesn't stand a chance compared to John Smith.

John Smith: Though they aren't extremely close to one another, Jim looks up to the older companion though he won't ever admit it. When John leaves, it is up to Jim to (theoretically) keep an eye out for Esme. John is also the one who keeps Esme and Jim from destroying the city during one of their practices.

Tisiphone: Jim has seen her from a far since she does travel with the group. He doesn't know much about her.

Kayley: Just met her and already they seem to be rivals. We'll see how their relationship turns out.


Jim is currently traveling with Esme and her group.