Hope (Lady Death)


Hope as the Lady Death

Hope aka The Lady Death is a character in ZincHeart's The Dead God's Wrath RP on Youtube played by IrisRainbow.


Before she died, Hope was a simpe girl. Shy; quiet. Longing for nothing more than to live a life of love and peace. To get married, like all girl's dream to, and raise a family of her own. She didn't need money nor glory to be happy. She already was with Niccolo by herside and Eunice and her sisters to comfort her. Though, once she entered the underworld her heart grew colder. She could no longer be that girl, she had to be Lady Death, the mistress of Hell's army. She had to be to be able to inflict pain on others and kill hundreds of people and villages for a bloody war that seemed hopeless for mankind.

Hope couldn't kill all of who she was. Even though she's become braver, more inuitive, and determined, she could still feel for what she was doing. Feel the pain she was causing. Damn why did she have to be so sensitive, why keep a conscience? She couldn't deny that she still contained a woman's heart. A woman's need for love; to care.

She tries her best, though, to focus on her hatred. She needed that to justify what she was doing. She's determined to win this war, not for the gods' sake, but for her own. She desperately wants to be free of Hades's grasp and to save her husband's soul. She refuses to think nor care for anyone else-including having to end her ties to her family and her friendship with Mulan, who sided with the humans. Her sister, Harmonia, tried to help Hope. To get past the wall Hope's begun to build. Hope feels for her sister and understands that she is just trying to help, but knows there is little that Harmonia can do. She just prays that Harmonia would stay out of the way, so she would never have to go against her.

But as for Hades and his minions, well, she doesn't trust any of them except for Thanatos, the god of Death and former partner in war, and her other half-sister, Macaria, the goddess of blissful death, who at least tried to make her feel welcomed in the underworld and reminded Hope of Harmonia. But even she doesn't trust them that much; still seeing them as minions of hell, loyal, and answerable to Hades.

Hope has freedom on her mind though, She's willing to do whatever it takes and work with whomever to get to it. And even though she can be easily bothered, angered, and feel betrayed she tries to not let her emotions rule her or show through; an effort she doesn't always win. But showing signs of weakness amonst these hurds of beasts is the last thing that she'd want to do. They'd eat her alive, otherwise.


Having half of her immortality taken has left Hope as a demi-god. Even worse, growing up she did not use her powers. Thanatos trained her to find the power that was still within her and to harness its strength. Though, she still hasn't completely controlled her abilities nor knows how powerful she really is or what other strengths lay still hidden beneath.

So far, when she's angry, she exhibits this blue like aura that evaportates from her eyes and hands (and through a weapon if she's holding one) that gives her immense strenth, but also allows her to levitate herself or other objects/people. Her powers seemed to do something to her victims mentally, but what, she still doesn't understand.


Hope was born from an adultreous affair between Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and Hades, the overseer of hell. Despite the origins of her father, Aphrodite adored Hope and was smitten by the charms of the young goddess. But fearing that Hephaestus might try to harm the infant once her learned of her existence, Aphrodite called upon her daughter, Harmonia, to hide the child somewhere on Earth until she was older and strong enouch to be able to join her once again on Mount. Olympus. Hamonia named the baby Hope, and gave her to a water nymph, or Nereid called Eunice (one of the 50 daughters of Nereus, a sea god) who used to be one of Aphrodite's companions in the city of Paphos, Cyprus from which she was born.

2 years later, Hephaestus had learned of the birth of Hope and his unfaithful wife's attempt to hide her. Finding out where the child was, he pleaded with his mother, Hera, Queen of the Gods, to take away half of the child's immortality leaving her half-mortal and unable to return to Olympus. He convinced Hera that if the child was allowed to returned then she might become a threat to all the other goddesses. So, Hera took away half of young Hope's immortality making her into a demi-god. Discovering this, Aphrodite weeped in sadness. Now her precious child would have to remain with the mortals on Earth, and there was nothing she could do to help it.

Aphrodite then sent Harmonia to keep an eye on Hope as she grew, but never making contact with the child herself. Over the years, Hope grew into a beautiful and kind young maiden. Having her immortality taken did not bother her. She was at peace on Earth with the love of her sister, and the support of her nanny, Eunice, and her friend Mulan, one of her mother's angels. At the age of 18, Hope began to fall for Niccolo, the son of a rich former-warlord. Their romance seemed straight out of a fairytale; it was love at first sight. Hope believed she had finally met the one; and was happily thinking of marriage and raising a family, but a tragic turn of events shattered those dreams forever.

Hades came into the picture. He knew of Hopes whereabouts, but never cared to contact the child, until the war began and Zeus was killed. Needing demi-gods to help fight in the war and seeing that his daughter was too much in love to care about anything else, he came up with a plan to make her apart of his army.

Waking up one night from a bad dream about Niccolo, Hope, newly married, goes to her husband's chambers to insure herself that he was alright. In doing so, she stumbles upon Hades killing her lover. In outrage Hope, challenges Hades for the life of her husband to be returned to her. A challenge? Against the almighty Lord of the Dead? Hades laughed and took the young woman up on her challenge. He cursed her to a "life-time of pain," if she could survive the tortures to come, he would insure that she and her husband would never suffer again; living the rest of their lives in peace.

Though, Hades didn't play fair and never intended to. Instead of inflicting the pain on Hope, like she thought he would, he inflicted the pain upon the people in her village. He dried up their wells and lakes, killed their livestock, burned their fields, and sent locust to eat what ever was left. The people, desperate and starving, prayed to the gods for mercy. What could they do to end this torture? Hades answered their prayers and blamed Hope for their sufferings. He ordered Hope to be sacrificed to him to appease for her sins and end the plagues. Hope tried to convince the people otherwise. She told them that it was all a trick, and that they shouldn't give in to the gods' need for blood. But none of them listened. They burned her to a stake, where in the midst of dieing, two demons of hell came and carried her soul away to the underworld.

There she confronted Hades for tricking her. He then offered her a deal, being his precious daughter and all, he'll still give Hope a chance to win back her life and husband. If she promosies to serve him and join the upcoming war against the humans as his champion and commander of his army. If the gods win, then he'd free her and any other soul she wanted to take back with her and promoise to never meddle in her life again, but if the gods lost then her soul would belong to him forever.


She shall be.

Be victorious in the war

And your love shall be free."

Not given much of a choice, Hope accepts his deal and becomes the "Lady Death," the leader of his army of hell. Hades had her trained to harness all of her hidden abilities that she failed to use before on Earth. The underworld made her skin paler, whiten her hair, and turned her heart cold. The eyes are the windows to a person's soul, they say, is that why she lost them too [no longer has a soul]?

Hope still did not care much for the gods though. She was tired and sick of all their meddling and felt the world would be better off without, but nor was she any sympathetic towards the humans. They killed her, turned against their own, and blamed her for their sufferings instead of the god that caused it. Her heart was burning with the need for revenge, and she used that hate to fuel her on in this war.

"And I looked 'and behold 'a pale horse,

and her name 'that sat on him

was Death 'and Hell followed with her."


Below is a list of characters that Hope is currently associated with.


Aphrodite is Hope's mother. Hope has never met her and only knows of her through the tales of the infamous goddess of love and through Harmonia. She doesn't know how to feel towards the goddess, and isn't sure if there are any feelings there at all. She doesn't hold a grudge against Aphrodite at least. Harmonia made sure that she never faulted their mother for what was done to her.


Eunice, the Nereid, was the one that raised Hope. Hope was very close to the Nereid, and even though

Kallisto as Eunice, the Sea Nereid.

Eunice seemed more like a playful and silly bigger sister to her, Hope still admired her "mother" and always felt better when she was near. Hope hasn't seen Eunice since the day she died, watching as she [Eunice] weeped hopelessly in the crowd as she [Hope] burned. Hope's heart longs to be reunited with Eunice, but she is too ashamed of what she's become to face her "mother."


Harmonia is Hope's sister who also helped raised her. The two grew close through Harmonia's frequent visits to see her. Harmonia was the only god that Hope ever cared for, but after she died and joined Hades's army, Hope had to put all past relationships behind her to focus on her mission. But Harmonia didn't quit. Even in Hell, Harmonia still made visits to her sister; still tried to save whatever of the old Hope there was left in Lady Death.


Mulan was an angel of Aphrodite's. Harmonia, Hope and Mulan became good friends, almost like sisters. Mulan was Hope's only true friend (not counting her foster mother and sister), so it was hard for her to learn that she might have to go up against her [Mulan]. Hope prayed that the day she would have to really hurt Mulan would never come. After coming in contact with her since her [Hope's] death and since Mulan left, Hope saw the shocked in her friend's eyes at what she had become. They were in war now; against each other, but Hope still couldn't bring herself to harm her old friend. She made sure Mulan was spared in the attack, and hoped that she'd never have to see her again--not like this.


Niccolo was Hope's first love and husband. It was love at first sight for the two. Completly smitten from the start. Though, it was a teenage romance at best. But they were married in hopes to live that fairytale. Now that he's dead and she's stuck in hell, Hope's not sure if she'll ever get that life back. She is determined to try, though.

Hades & His Minions:

Hades is Hope's father. She despises him with a passion for what he's done. She so longs to be free of him and cannot wait until the day that she is. She'd happily strike a blade straight threw his heart if she ever believed he had any. She follows his orders now, but just for now. Hope doesn't trust many of the other gods of the underworld seeing them all as minions of Hades and answerable to him alone. Same goes for the army that she commands. She can't trust anyone in this hell.
*Hope currently is available for more relationships/associates. Friends, Enemies, Lovers/flings (male or female). And if you need clips of her then just drop me, IrisRainbow, a pm via youtube and I'll send the movie to you.

Where is she now?

Hope has currently, with her demonic army, wiped out a village of humans. After coming in contact with her old friend Mulan and sparing her from the attack, Hope has returned to the underworld.


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