Hecate is a NPC, or plot device character in Dead God's Wrath RP. She is not played by anyone in particular but

Raven as Hecate, the Goddess of Witchcraft

still interacts with other characters, and/or helps to move along member's plots and stories. She is represented by Raven from Spicy City.


Hecate is the flirtatious and sensual Goddess of Witchcraft. Proclaimed to be the Aphrodite of the Underworld, Hecate is one of the most beautiful goddesses of the Underworld. She's clever, persuasive, and very powerful. She spends most of her time as the companion and minister to Persephone and Persephone's daughter, Macaria. She also is now the Mistress of the Keres, Goddesses of Violent Death, and leads them.


Hecate is the Goddess of necromany, magic, the night, moon, and ghosts. But she is mainly known as the Queen of Witchcraft; only daughter of the Titans, Perses and Asteria, and the Mistress of the Keres, Goddesses of Violent death. For some she is known as a "Great Goddess," a pre-Olympian god, making her extra powerful, but she, now, just serves as the minister of Persephone, in the Underworld. She is the mother of Circe.

Hecate is the Goddess of Witchcraft and has powers associated with the heavens, the earth, and sea thanks to her parents. She used to reside on Mount. Olympus, but upon Persephone's forced marriage to Hades, the God of the Underworld, Hecate was sent to be Persephone's minister there. She was sent to serve Persephone in honor of helping Demeter, Persephone's mother, help find the lost Goddess of spring after she has been kidnapped. In turn, Hecate was given the honor of being Persephone's companion and accompanies her in the underworld, and when she leaves it every spring as well.

Though, at some point, Hecate took a break from serving Persephone, and fell in love with a mortal man called, Ammon. With him she conceived Circe, her daughter. She stayed to help raise the infant for a few years, but then had to return to Persephone's side in the Underworld. Her lover had seem to eventually come down with "The Goddesses' Curse" which would sporadically weaken him from time to time. Hecate did come back to visit her daughter, and even taught her about the art of witchcraft and how the young demi-god could master her own powers.

But eventually Hecate stopped coming to see her daughter.






Macaria is the daughter of Hades and Persephone, and the Goddess of Blissful Death. Since Hecate often looks after Persephone, she also looks after Macaria as well for Persephone. Hecate finds the girl amusing, and sort of acts as a older sister towards her rather than a nanny. Often giving Macaria advice and her opinion on things, true or not.


Like Hecate is the minister of Persephone, Thanatos, the God of Death, is the minister of Hades. These two get along with a silent understanding of one another.


A man who's curiosity almost killed him. Ammon was Hecate's apprentice as well as lover. They met when Ammon was fooling around with magic circles. Combining them completly wrong and summoning familiars that died soon after they were summoning. He had not talent in magic, but prayed to Hecate's temple for preserverence and her wisdom throughout his failure. Since Persephone was visiting Demeter, Hecate ascended from the underworld to meet him. They fell in love and had a child together. Hecate did not know her actions would bring her beloved's death.


Hecate's first born child. She knows very little about her except how alike she is to herself. Hecate taughter her witchcraft at a young age expecting her to retain her father's lack of skill in the supernatural department only to be prooven completely wrong. Hecate nurtured her with a heart that sympathiezes with family only. Perhaps that was a bad thing since Circe has abandoned all of her emotions in a foolish attempt to bring her father back to life. She loves her daughter and hopes to see her again when then war is over. If anything she wished to keep Circe away from harm as much as possible, but with Hades and Poseidon in control it may not happen.

Where is she now?


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