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Jem as Harmonia


Harmonia is a NPC, or plot device/minor character in Dead God's Wrath rp. So she isn't played by anyone in particular but still interacts with some of the rp characters. She is represented by Jem/Jerrica from Jem and the Holograms.


Harmonia is the Goddess of harmony and concord. She's a neautral god in the war who would rather have everyone getting along than fighting. She's a kind spirit who works as a close companion to her mother, Aphrodite. She slips back and forth from Olympia to Earth to keep an eye on things for her mother, but to also watch over her younger earthbound siblings. She's very protective of her siblings, and will try to help them whenever she can, but it is against her to cause any one any true harm. She believes in peace, unity, and balance.

Human harmonia

Harmonia disguised as a mortal


Harmonia is the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares. The Greek gods of Love and War. From birth Harmonia was torn between what side to take. Should she be a war god or one of love? She decided to remain in the middle and become the harmony that keeps it all in balance.

Harmonia on Olympus.


Below are list of characters that Harmonia currently are in contact/associated with and her relationship with them

Aphrodite (Jessica Rabbit):

Aphrodite is Harmonia's mother. Harmonia is a servant and companion to her mother. She answers to

Harmonia with Aphrodite

Aphrodite alone. Often running errands for her and serving as a messenger. Aphrodite also uses Harmonia to keep a close eye on her other children and creations down on Earth. Harmonia does it happily and is very understanding of her mother's feelings of how she wants to be there for her other children, but can't.

Harmonia with Hope (before she died)

Hope (Lady Death):
Hope is Harmonia's younger half-sister. After Hope was born, Aphrodite sent Harmonia to earth to give the infant to a sea nymph, Eunice, to be raised. Over the years, Harmonia has kept in close contact with Hope and often visited her on Earth. But when Hope was killed and sent to the underworld, Harmonia lost a bit of her connection with Hope who started to become colder; more aggressive compared to the shy and soft-voiced woman she was before. Harmonia wants so bad to free Hope from Hades' grasp but at las, there's nothing she can do to stop Hades. But she still tries to reach the softness in Hope that once was there.

Harmonia with Hope (in the Underworld)

John Smith (Alkaios)

John Smith (Alkaios) is Harmonia's younger brother. She hasn't made contact with him since he was a baby, but she still keeps an eye on him to make sure he's doing well.

Harmonia watching Esmeralda and John (Alkaios)(they don't know she's there)

Mulan is an angel created by Harmonia's mother Aphrodite. Harmonia is close and most like Mulan, and served as a guide and teacher to her; teaching her the importance of peace and unity.

Harmonia watching John (Alkaios) and Tisiphone (they don't know that she's there)


Ares is Harmonia's father. Though she doesn't often speak nor associate with him and the other war gods, she does respect him for what he is--her father and one of the great Olympian gods. She doesn't agree with most of his views nor his lust for blood and violence, but she knows not to provoke his temper in saying so.

Harmonia with Mulan


Hephaestus is Harmonia's Step-father. But like all of the children born to Aphrodite's adultreous affairs, Hephaestus has a burning dislike for her. And even tried to turn her into a serpent to be fed to a flock of eagles. Though, Harmonia is not one to dwell in hate, so she mostly pities the vengeful god.

Tzipporah and Harmonia are very close. She is one of the few in Olympus who knows about Tzipporah's curse and is bound to keep the secret, as many of the gods and goddesses could use Tzipporah's power to sway the outcome of the war. The two share many personality traits and, as such, are as close as sisters. Together, they are attempting to figure out a way to control the Fire Bird inside of Tzipporah.

  • Harmonia is currently opened for more relationships/associates. And you are free to use her in your parts and stories to represent the Goddess of Harmony (I, IrisRainbow, have clips if anyone needs them ^^)

Where is she now?

Harmonia is currently watching over her younger siblings as the war begins to effect them.