Hades is an NPC or plot device/minor character in the Dead God's Wrath rp. So he isn't played by anyone in
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Hades, Lord of the Dead

particular, but still interacts with many of the rp characters. He is represented by Hades from Disney's Hercules.


Hades is the God of the Underworld; the infamous Lord of the Dead; King of Hell/Tartarus. All titles quite befitting for this Olympian. Though, he'd be better off as a god of schemes. And that's what he loves doing. Scheming and tricking people into getting or becoming what he wants.

He's well known for being hot-tempered. Losing his temper at the snap of one's thumb. He was also a sarcastic god, persuasive, and even ruthless at times. He is said to have dreaded being the ruler of the underworld and would have much preferred to rule over Olympus and the heavens. He should right? He is the eldest son of Cronus and Rhea after all. He was very powerful; only surpassed by that of Zeus.

He was immortal, like all gods, but had the abilities of regeneration, teleportation, levitation, intangibility, and control over fire and smoke. He also has the ability to strip someone of their strength (if they give it willingly), conjure plagues, and bring the dead back to life.



The Underworld

Hades is the eldest son of Cronus and Rhea; brother to Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and his older sister Hestia. After defeating their father and the Titans in a 10 year war, the three brothers became the rulers of the cosmos. Each of them drewing lots to see who would rule each realm. Poseidon drew the sea, Zeus, the Heavens, and Hades got the Underworld. The realm where the souls of the dead go after leaving the Earth.

Hades didn't like being stuck as the king of such a depressing world, but he had no choice. He eventually kidnapped the young goddess Core, daughter of Demeter, and made her his queen, Persephone, to lighten up the mood for him, at least. Their union brought forth their daughter, Macaria, the goddess of Blissful Death, whom Hades is quite protective of.

Now that the war has started and Zeus is dead, Hades is determined to recuit demi-gods to join and fight for him in the war against the humans.


Below is a list of characters Hades has relationships or is associated with.

Subjects: (Residents/Minions of the Underworld, which he rule)

  • Persephone (Queen and consort)
  • Macaria (daughter//goddess of Blissful Death)
  • Nyx (Night)
  • Erebos (Darkness)
  • The Children of Nyx: The Moirai (The Fates), Thanatos (Death), Eris (Strife), Hemera (Day-rested in the underworld during the night), Hypnos (Sleep), The Keres (goddesses of violent death), Geras (Old Age), Nemesis (Retribution), Charon (Ferryman that takes souls across the river Styx), Moros (Doom), Apate (Deception), Momus (Blame), Lyssa (Madness), Oizys (misery), and Epiphron (demon of shrewdness).
  • The Oneiroi (Gods of Dreams//Sons of Hypnos (Sleep): Morpheus, Icelus, and Phantasos)
  • Cerberus (3-headed hound)
  • Rhadamanthus, Aeacus, and Minos (Judges of the Dead)
  • Hecate (Goddess of Witchcraft/Mistress of the Keres)
  • Pain and Panic (shapeshifting imps)
  • Various other monsters, demons, and souls.

Zeus and Poseidon:

Zeus and Poseidon are Hades's younger brothers. Hades was always jealous of them for he felt they got the better deal out of the whole war thing with the Titans. He especially was envious of Zeus being the King of Olympus. Now that Zeus is dead, Hades has thought about who will take his place once this whole war with the humans is over with.


Persephone (formerly Core) is the wife and consort of Hades. When she was a girl, he raped her and took her back to the underworld with him to be his bride. Afterwards, Demeter, Core's mother, searched for her beloved daughter and thought of nothing else. In turn, nothing grew while Demeter hopelessly searched the earth for the young goddess. Eventually, Core was found but could not leave the underworld completely due to the fact that she ate the seeds from a pomegranate during her stay. Tis why Persephone spends half of the year with Hades (fall and winter) and another half with her mother on Earth (spring and summer). Hades knows his wife isn't too pleased with their forced union, but is happy to have her as his queen.


Macaria is the Goddess of Blissful Death, and Hades's only daughter with his wife Persephone. For that, Hades loved her most of all and was highly protective of her. He does not allow her to leave the underworld nor to have any visitors from above.


Thanatos is the God of Death, son of Nyx and Erebos, and Hades's minister. Hades thinks highly of Thanatos and realizes his importance to the underworld (without him, people wouldn't die). He also uses Thanatos as one of his most personal minions. Often sending him [Thanatos] on secret assignments for him [Hades]. And Thanatos also works as one of his informers.

Pain and Panic:

Hades's goofy little minions that can never seem to get anything right. They are shape-shifters and the occasional punching bags for Hades. Their only loyalty to him is that of fear.

The Keres, Goddesses of Violent Death

The Keres/Lamiae:
The Keres were goddesses of violent death. The enjoyed listening to the sounds of others suffering, they took pleasure in watching the pain of others, and they survived off of human corpses. They were vampire-like and very beautiful. With Serpent tongues and pale white skin. They were companions of the Goddess Hecate, but they are mostly seen lingering around the halls of Hades's fortress indulging themselves in pleasure.And most of the time, don't come off very violent themselves. They just love to tease and scare people, but they can be deadly. They are the daughters of Nyx an Erebus.


Ares is the god of war and son of Hera and Zeus. Hades's nephew, and one he especially favored.


Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love. Born from the sea, and one of the most beautiful of all the Goddesses. Not even Hades was immune to her charms. The two had a short-lived affair, which brought upon a daughter, Hope.

Hope (Lady Death):

Hope is Hades's daughter with Aphrodite. At first, Hades did not have much interest in the child. So he allowed Aphrodite to hide the babe in a village on Earth to be raised in secret to hopefully spare the child from her husband's wrath. But Hephaestus found out anyway and located the child. He had his mother, Hera, strip away half of the babe's immortality turning her into a demi-god. When the war started and Zeus died, the gods started to recuit their children, the demi-gods to help fight for their side in the war. Hades, himself, tricked Hope into joining him by killing her husband, having her killed, and promising her freedom if the gods win. Hope despises him for ruining her life, and he knows it--finding it all so amusing. So far it looks like he doesn't care too much for Hope nor completely trust her. He uses her as the commander of his army, with Thanatos keeping a close watch on her.

John Smith (Alkaios):

John Smith (Alkaios) is the son of Ares and Aphrodite. Hades is particularly trying to get John on his side. Killing off his [John's] mortal parents and offering the young god a chance to save them if he fight for him [Hades] in the war.

Anthea (Cinderella):

Anthea is the daughter of Persephone and a mortal man she had an affair with.

Melinoe (Amalthea):

Melinoe is the daughter of Persephone, but the real identity of her father is unknown.


Kenai is the son of Persephone and a bear. Hades offered Kenai a chance to avenge the death of his cub and mate (after humans killed them) by joining his side in the war. Kenai accepted.
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Where is he now?

Hades was last seen in the underworld plotting to get John Smith (Alkaios) to accept his offer.