Garett is a demi-god, the son of the Celtic goddess Sirona and Lord Arthur. At nineteen years old, he is one of the younger demi-gods joining the fight, but with his calm nature he could teach much to even the older demi-gods. Garett currently hasn't met any gods other then Hades and his mother, Sirona (which he is unaware of). His powers are mostly based on nature and healing, and he's seeking a variety of relationships.

Garrett is played by viola1396.



Sirona (Giselle)

Garett's father, the lord Arthur, had a brief tryst with what he thought at the time to be a wood nymph. He was drawn by her beauty, and she was drawn to his intelligence and fair ruling of his land. However, it was not to last- Lord Arthur's wife soon learned of his unfaithfulness, and Sirona's pregnancy and ordered for the wood nymph to be executed. Little did she know that the "nymph" was actually Sirona, a healing deity, and the goddess of snakes and eggs.

Sirona played along with the execution, going to the ground before announcing that she was actually a powerful goddess and killing Lord Arthur's wife for her unkindness and blasphemy. She also slaughtered Lord Arthur for his adultery, as gods can be severely punished for letting such things pass. However, Sirona wasn't a particularly vengeful god, and decided to take pity on the child Lord Arthur had created. She gave birth to Garrett and raised him herself until he was thirteen, and no longer a child. Sirona asked another god for their powers, and together they wiped Garrett's mind of his mother.

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Garrett's parents, before the fall

For the next four years, Garrett lived in the forest he was born in, hunting, fishing, and growing his own food to survive. As he had the blessing of a healing deity, he was rarely injured and could always find food. Before he left, his mother also gave him a pet hawk. He never knew his status as a demigod and rarely had friends, as he hardly ever ventured inside the villages around the forest.

Garrett's powers grew particularly strong as he got older- he was often able to grow plants and heal himself merely by concentrating. As his powers grew stronger, the gods attempted to recruit him- even before the war. Aengus, his uncle, took a particular interest in him, but eventually it was Hades who spoke to him, informing him of his powers. Garrett, a frightened seventeen year old with no idea what was happening, lashed out at Hades and injured him with his powers. A furious Hades then stole Garrett's sight and forced him back into the woods, insisting that the gods would never bless him again.

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Hades showing Garrett the potential of his godlike powers.

But two years later, at the most desperate times the gods have ever faced, Garrett is nineteen- a man, and living in a small village. Aengus, the uncle he's never met, and Sirona, the mother he's forgotten, have convinced Hades to let Omar and Sabor recruit the young man.

But Garrett still needs to train his raw power- and with his antisocial nature, getting along with the other demigods may prove a little difficult...


Garrett has the ability to grow plants at will, and make them attack his enemies. He also has some sway over animals, and is able to use them to his advantage. His mother's blessing can sometimes help him avoid injury, but Garrett's greatest asset is his healing powers. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises can be healed instantly by Garrett- bigger wounds take time and drain him of some energy. Garrett is unable to bring a person back from the dead, but he can keep a dying person in stasis for a short time while he waits for help.


Garett isn't neccessarly intelligent, but he's highly observant and can easily sense when something is off. He has a good sense of intuition, and his calm nature prove helpful in almost any situation. Garrett is also creative and enjoys methodical activities like painting. He loves being in nature as it helps him feel close to his mother (although he doesn't know that). Unfortunately, Garrett is antisocial and prefers to spend time alone rather in the company of others. He's naturally a bit unkind and detached, but isn't a cruel person by nature.


Garrett currently hasn't met any demigods or gods (that he knows of).


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Current Whereabouts Edit

Garrett is currently in the village of Ealdor, where he lives, unaware of the Dead God's War. Inform him!