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Freyr is an NPC or plot device in the Dead God's Wrath RP, so he isn't played by anyone in particular, but is free to be interacted with. Feel free to give your characters relationships with him or have them as his children/family.

Freyr is the Norse god of farming, weather, and peace, though he is also a fearsome warrior. The Council does not particularly like Freyr, as he has yet to voice his opinion on the war and is often sarcastic and rude to his superiors.

Freyr has had a couple of relationships with mortal women, as he is unmarried, but considers himself more of a romantic then a purely sexual god (unlike his sister, Freyja). Freyr is played by Vinny from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.



Freyr doing what he does best- being cheeky.

Freyr is one of the kinder gods, choosing to bestow mostly peace and pleasure on mortals, though if you ever ask him of this, he'll deny it. He keeps a cap on his emotions, like his sister, because emotions can get gods killed in battle easily. Freyr is sarcastic and biting, but beneath that he's willing to help out any mortal or human in need. However, he's notoriously hot-tempered, and often blows up without a moment's notice.



Freyr explaining the terms of Rapunzel's job as a guardian angel to her.

Freyja- Freyr's twin sister and confident. He trusts her with his life, but probably not anyone else's. There are a lot of secrets Freyr has to keep from her, as his cruel sister will go on a rampage if she learns of the way he helps mortals and demigods.

Rapunzel- Freyr and Rapunzel have always had a good relationship. He now works as her boss, assigning herto new jobs as a guardian angel, and was the only friend she had after Freyja cast her out.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Yggdrasil, observing his sister training warriors, sending directions to Rapunzel, and trying to figure out his stance on the war.