Freyja: Norse goddess of fertility, war, and sexuality.

Freyja is an NPC or plot device character in the Dead God's Wrath RP, so she isn't played by anyone in particular, but is free to be interacted with. Feel free to give your characters relationships with her or have them as her children/family.

Freyja is the Norse goddess of fertility, war, and sexuality. Although she has a husband, Od (god of the summer sun) and two full god daughters (Hnoss and Gersemi), Freyja is one of the most promiscious goddesses out there, and it is more then likely that she has mothered a few demigods.

Freyja is represented by Helga from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Freyja is a cold hearted person, and is quite cruel to many humans and gods. When she cares for someone, she manipulates them into staying with her always. Freyja does actually have the capacity to care for another being- she loved Rapunzel and loves her brother Freyr as well. However, she will stop at nothing to annihilate the human race, and any demi-gods who get in her way.


Rapunzel- Freyja and Rapunzel used to be very close, until Rapunzel disobeyed Freya's orders and left Freyja's temple- not to mention the Book of Peace- unguarded. The Book was very nearly stolen, and when Freyja saw Rapunzel again, she was so angry that she clipped the angel's wings and forced her back to earth. Now, they are bitter enemies.

Clara- Freyja has no relation to the demi-goddess, but has seen her through scrying and dislikes the fact that she doesn't believe in a war. She won't go out of her way to do it, but if Freyja comes across her, she'll probably attempt to slaughter her.


Freyja and Freyr scheming together in Yggdrasil.

Freyr - Freyja's twin brother, Freyr is the only one who truly understands his sister, including the fact that she isn't always as evil as she seems. However, a bit of a rift has grown between the two lately, after Freyr helped Rapunzel find work as a guardian angel. They're still close, but Freyja's keeping her eye on her brother.

Od- Freyja and her husband have an understanding relationship, as they often both go off with mortals. They rarely see each other, but when they do, they love to get drink and joke with each other like old friends, rather then husband and wife.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Yggdrasil with her brother, training demigods and gods for the battle.