Esmeralda, daughter of Sekhmet.

Esmeralda (puppyeyes92) is completely for the Gods in this war. She is the daughter of the Egyptian War Goddess, Sekhmet, and a Human Chief. She was raised in the same area as her father but was viewed more as a slave, rather then his child, and was abused by humans for years, which is why she is against the Humans and feels justified for her views. However, with others coming into her life, her views are sometimes shaken and her sympathy towards humans is budding in the back of her mind.


Esmeralda was born from Sekhmet and a Human Male who was chief over his tribe and over the lands he had colonized. Her mother could not stay with her due to her being only half blooded and was left behind to be taken care of by her father. But her father wanted nothing to do with her and had made it clear to Sekhmet that their affair was never to be public and that fathering a demi-goddess would be kept secret for he had a reputation to keep.

So the baby was taken in by the women of the tribe to work and grow up in a rough enviroment. Esme worked since she was old enough to walk and talk and did constant chores in the tribe. She was beaten almost every day for every mistake, and the Chief always seemed to have it out for her. There were days where he ignored her completely and then there were those days where she seemed to be his target, she would get insults, pushes, hits, extra work, whatever he could dish out when his moods striked, she took the brunt of it.

No one ever really guessed or knew why this was, and Esmeralda just kept living her childhood in a place where the men took advantage and the women dismissed her fears, wounds, and cries in the night. The only slightly good moment she had was a friend, Angel, she had met in the woods during her pre-teen years, they had a secret sort of relationship and the girl seemed to be very different then from what Esmeralda was used to, but she liked her!

As the years passed though Esmeralda felt this over whelming sensation in her grow and grow, when the men touched her, she fought back, and she was good at it! When others tried to over power her, something like a warrior's spirit grew and helped her hold her ground. It wasn't until she was visited by her mother, Sekhmet, that she knew what it was.

The goddess explained their relationship and the blood that ran in her veins, telling Esme that she was a demi-goddess of war, and that her father was the Chief.

Esmeralda was shocked to find out such a thing and confronted the man the moment she felt like she could handle whatever he could dish out. When such things were said to him, by her, he at first was completely shocked, before he asked who told her, and said if she ever spoke of a word of their bond, he would have her killed.

So, Esme, being the stupid young woman she was threatened to tell the whole world about it and with that left the lands of her father and began to live the life of a gypsy. She was hunted for a few years by her father's men, but without fail, each soldier, spy, and assassin was taken down by her fighting skills and her strategic mind that put her in the best places at the best times, her senses were keen and her reflexes were matchless, she let one man life after three years of continuous killing of her father's men and sent her father a message.

"You will never defeat me."

Her father stopped sending men after that, which actually wounded Esmeralda, she felt like killing these men was the only way to get her father's attention, and by defeating them, he knew his daughter was strong and capable, she could even help him in his tribe if he allowed it, she would let all be forgiven if only he would accept her. But instead, he ignored her completely, which made Esme nearly go crazy. She needed the attention, her mother had only seen her once, and her father, well the times she had seen him had only been negative, but at least it was something!

So, being a stickler for self infliction, Esmeralda seeked out her father and spyed on him for several days, wishing she could hear her name from his lips, could hear him speak of her, some how, some way. But right when she was sure it was no use and was heading out of the area, she felt this stirring in her spirit and ran back to where her father lived, just to see him murdered.

From that day on, she lived her life with complete contempt for humans and saw her mother a few times more with long talks, advice, and even helpful demonstrations, she made it on her own for a while, dancing for money and giving tarot readings to support herself on her travels.

The moment she heard of the death of the God however, she dropped all that business and with her mother's urgent plea, set out to destroy the humans and gather up however many gods as possible to lead them against a race that had forgotten them and had never given her a place among them, had never turned upon her a kind word or a hug, the humans in her eyes are completely out of line and no longer deserving of mercy or even being ignored.

If they wanted attention, they were about to get it in the hands of an angry (demi)-goddess.


Esmeralda is at first glance, very passionate and very strong, when she is set on something she does not stop until there is nothing left to pursue. She believes very much in Justice but sometimes her views on Justice can be a bit skewed with her prejudice against humans. But once you break past her slightly pushy and fiery exterior, one can find a woman who has a lot of baggage she won't admit.

She's vulnerable, even though she is a demi-goddess of war, some of the simplest things can get to her. She likes to cover up her emotions though and has this idea that no one will see past her facade because no one truly cares enough to see what she has hidden away. Words are the easiest way to hurt her, physical fighting and things of the like don't get to her because she's a professional at fighting and in her world it's just another sparring match or a request to be murdered, depending on who you are. But fighting with words is the quickest and dirtiest way to make her break. So one should be careful about what they say. ( Cuz they might end up with a woman sobbing, running away, or threatening to kill them. )

Esmeralda is also, slightly clueless when it comes to love and how to be sensual. She has no idea how to play the workings of a man's mind and flirting in her mind is when a man and a woman kiss. It's odd though because even when she doesn't try she still has men constantly fawning over her and feeling as if she might be interested them in. Even though she doesn't try she still exudes beauty and a sexual nature that clings to the sway of her hips and the glint of her emerald eyes.

And she wonders why John stares at her so much ;D

But just to name a few other qualities, she's very kind to her own...kind...she's also a bit hot headed, attention starved, introverted (with her actual feelings anyway), nosy, fiercely protective of her friends and a little self-righteous/ignorant, also a bit more serious then what she should be. But when she loosens up, she's loads of fun.


Esmeralda is a demi-goddess, so her powers are not as great as those of the regular gods, but what she does have and what she is capable of makes her a very worthy opponent.

  • Influence Over Emotions: Esmeralda is able to twist the emotions of others from time to time, she mainly only uses this when heading into battle and war, in a way it's a boost of valour for fighters and soldiers so that their performance is much better and their courage has risen to great heights. She heard from her mother she might be able to influence humans in ways of love, lust, and persuasion as well but Esme has never tried it, though she might in the future.
  • Heightened Senses: Esmeraldas' hearing, sight, smell, touch, and speed are all upped by the powers and blood that flows through her body. Her ears are very keen and she picks up on the smallest of sounds for about a mile. Her eye sight is also very sharp and she can depict movements in battle as if it were all in slow motion. Her nose is like that of a dog, so yes, she can pick up one the many scents each person carries in and out with them, it's a curse and a gift. And as for her speed, she is very, very fast in battle and is a pretty impressive runner as well.
  • Battle Knowledge: This one is a bit general, but strategies for war and what moves to make next as basically imprinted in her mind, when in battle she has an upper hand because her brain instantly comes up with ways to get out of a situation or to knock her opponent on their tails. Or worse.
  • Strength: She's pretty freaking strong, not as much as your average God, but carrying two people over her back for several miles would only make her a tid bit sweaty.


John Smith (Alkaios) Edit

John Smith is Esmeralda's first companion on her quest to rally up the gods for the war. When they first met it was a bit of a tense meeting, he had at first refused to come along to help her even though she was pretty steadfast about him coming and in disbelief that he would refuse to play for the God's side, it seemed he crumbled pretty fast and agreed to come along, though he never really gave a reason for it, Esmeralda was happy none the less to have him along. She considers John to be very handsome, his good looks can't be denied, but her general lack of knowledge in romance and flirting has hindered her from making any sort of moves plus her mind is too clouded with the war to focus on love only. She's confused on his stance about the humans, but when he tells her his story, she seems to understand just a bit more about why he refuses to hurt the humans and is sort of envious that he was blessed with such humans in his life. As time goes on she finds herself to enjoy John and his company more and more, though admitting this to herself will take time.

Pocahontas (Tisiphone)Edit

Esmeralda first met Pocahontas in a church after taking shelter with John from a rainy night. The woman had attacked her in a fit of jealousy of her companion, John. At first Esmeralda had no clue why such a woman was after her, but Esmeralda was happy to answer to the challenge and found no real threat in the woman, she was just pissed her night had just been ruined from some random woman. Later though, John broke up the fight and Esmeralda found out just what it was that had happened. It would seem that Pocahontas and John had been together for a period of time until John left her, his handsome face and betraying powers of "love" had left behind a very angry woman. Once Pocahontas had found out that it had all been a farce, she ran. Esmeralda followed her, wanting to talk, and apologized on John's behalf, for it was not the woman's fault she had fallen in love, it was just another trick of the God's.


Phoebus and Esmeralda met when he had seen her rallying up some gods, basically making a pretty stirring speech to bring forth the gods to reign justice on the humans. At first he just seemed to listen but in the midst of her speech he approached her and played devil's advocate, basically pushing her with words and trying to trip her up on her views, but the demi-goddess seemed to stand pretty strong for what she believed in, and with Akhesa in tow, he left. Later though he returned to properly introduce himself, and from that moment on they became sort of like friends with different views but a great level of respect for each other.


Esmeralda and Angel met back when they were both very young, children, really. They met in the forest near Esmeralda's father's land, and talked for some time, they saw each other briefly, and it was the only time Esmeralda had made a child hood friend. In a way, she should have know that Angel was a demi-goddess just from the way she looked, acted, how it felt to be near her. And she supposed that is why it helped her to keep moving forward, to know someone might care if she just gave up and died. Now that she is older and the war has begun, Esmeralda knows she must go after Angel and ask her to join the war. She just hopes things will be smooth between them.


Akhesa is Esmeralda's aunt, the woman has been someone Esmeralda has not known very long but right after her mother is the second goddess of sorts that she has ever met. She met her some time ago after her mother suggested for her to once she left the realm of her father for good. Akhesa is a good deal different then Esmeralda, she's constantly pulling pranks and tripping people up just for a laugh. While Esmeralda on the other hand is just rolling her eyes or trying to make her calm down but also always on the verge of a giggle or a smile when around her aunt. They have not spoken very much and Esmeralda is a bit unsure on how to go about talking to Akhesa, but even if their views on the war ARE different, Esmeralda still respects her and still tries to make her come around, but in a nice way.

Jim HawkinsEdit

Jim and Esmeralda met just recently, Esmeralda tried to recruit him knowing how powerful he was and how much influence he had with being Zeus' last son, but he declined, at first, until she told him it would be a good idea to have him around since she knows his powers are out of whack with how young he is and how his hormones seem to be raging, so she offers to help him out and let's him know it might be best to hang around a bunch of gods who could help him harness and control his power, if he wants the help of course. He agrees to come along and already their relationship seems to be warm and sweet.


Having just joined the group, Kayley is John's cousin and a new addition to their little gang, she seems to be interesting and nice, and Esmeralda hasn't learned much about her yet, but already she can tell she likes the girl, she wonders just how close the cousins are and has made it a personal mission to make sure they get to know one another.