Clara (Lucida0lownes) is a character in the Dead God's Wrath roleplay. She is attempting to find a way to stop the war.


Clara is the daughter of Aengus, the Irish god of love, and his human mistress. Sadly, her mother died in childbirth and due to unknown reasons, Aengus could not take his daughter so he arranged for her to stay with her aunt and uncle.

Ever since she was a child, good feelings have always been around her. People enjoyed having her near due to the calmness and happiness her powers could bestow. The feelings of love, brotherhood, and giving are abundant in her town.

At the beginning of the war, her father came to her to ask for her assistance. She refused and has thus decided to search for others who want to see a peaceful end to this conflict. Although her ability to bring forth kinmenship is probably going to be sought after by the gods to make the fence sitters agree to fight for them.


Clara is able to nurture the four kinds of love, which are

  • Agape- The selfless love for others
  • Philia- Friendship love
  • Storge- Family love
  • Eros- True love


Clara is a kind and strong fourteen year old girl. She has her opinions and she sticks to them. She hates seeing others in pain and will find a way to help them if possible. If not possible, she will still do her best. She's stubborn though and firm when she needs to be due to taking care of her younger cousin.



Prior to the war, the pair had a very positive relationship. Although now, it's unclear as to what kind of relationship they will have.