Angel/ Circe(ayameazureha786) is the half blood princess of all witches, being born from the Queen, Hecate,

Angel as Circe

and her lover, Ammon.


Circe's personality is completely apethetic. She no longer feels anything for anyone person. It seems the only attachment she has is the one with her mother for teaching her witchcraft.









Elemental,Runes, Alchemy, and Agility


Preading Chaos, Creating weapons, Searching for the Life Essence


Circe's past was more or less nomral. She was born on the witche's new year, Samhian---Halloween. During

her infantile years both of her paretn were around to love and raise her for what she was. Unknowingly Ammon had contracted "The Goddess's Curse". A cycle purely of death and rebirth similar to her aunt Persephone's cycle. Only This curse was more sporadic and extremely breif. Circe could remember several times where her father would be highly rejuvinated and play with her when her mother had to return to Mt. Olympus, only to be completely relinquished of it a couple of months later. Panic stricken and desperate, she begged her mother to teach her how to bring down the powers of the elements. Seeing what kind of position her daughter was in she granted her wish.

Circe researched feverishly in order to find a cure for her father's curse. She would receive extra teachings from her mother who was amazed at her daughter's natural mastery of the craft. Crice was a prodigy in her own right learning spell after spell in her mother's Book of Shadows. Eventually her mother stopped seeing her much to Crice's dissappointment. Years following she and her father began city-hopping. Being a demi-goddess, princess of witches, with a bed ridden father made her and Ammon a gigantic target. Eventually they were chased all the way to Egypt where witchcraft was not as widely practiced, which meant no onlookers. Though it seemed that no matter what combination of spells she did helped her fathers condition. He was already on his last leg. Meaning Hecate was almost fully healed from giving birth.

Frustrated Circe flipped to the last page within the Book of Shadows to discover that the spell she'd been searching for the whole time was there, but could not be cast since it required teh ultimate sacrifice-----------A life for a life. Hopeless, she closed the book of shadows and began tampering with the powers making weapons of healing, destruction, clarity and the like. Writing down her discoveries, she entitled the text "Book of Runes". Using one of the items she crafted, she wrote a run upon her father's chest as he was breathing his last few breaths. It was a rune called 'chainmail '. It purpose was to keep her father alive withing the relm of the dead. She knew her uncle Hades' powers would feed the rune all of the energy it needed to keep Ammon alive for millennia.

On her own at age 13, Circe moved back into the Greek forest she was sired in making her arts well known and rotated around. She never gave up on that final spell that required life force. she decided that the payment would be trinkets for her alchemy and runes or sacrifices. Determined and young she threw herself into her research and incibing the rune 'focus' upon her she was thrown away all of her feelings.


Circe's powers lie within the elements themselves; Any other ability was developed by her to increase her magical powers. At the basics she has these Elements:

  • Earth-The element of fortitude. She mainly uses this element for defense, though it would be a better offense. She has no true affinity for it.Earth is also used for momentary healing. the natural vibes of this element only serve to raise defense. When someone has obtained an item with Earth residing within, expect them to be more bold and straight forward with the public.
  • Wind- The element of freedom. Circe uses this element ONLY for offense. The reason is because wind is unpredictable and therefore completely untamable.The higher the wind speed the deeper the cut into the opponet.
  • Fire- The element of courage and passion. An element used rarely in battle because of Circe's lack of emotion. Magic flames feed off of intense emotion. If there is none, then the fire becomes very weak and is easy to blow out.
  • Water-The element of wisdom and life. Water is connected to everything and anything. It can be combined with many other elements to be stronger and more potent than in it's true form. Purifying water to it's absolute limit produces the essence of life. This substance has eluded Circe, but she is determined to create it. A drop of it is known to completely raise the dead.



Esmeralda and Circe met briefly when Circe and her father moved to the outskirts of egypt. Both were children at the time and probably have slipped each other's minds. After the war begins, Angel has been expecting this blast from her past. We can only hope for the best outcome.