Ariston is a character in the Dead God's Wrath Rp. He is the son of John Smith (Alkaios) and Macaria. And twin

Tarzan as Ariston

brother of Nele. He is represented by Tarzan from Disney's Tarzan. This character currently has not been born/conceived yet. So more will be added later.


Ariston is a free spirited youg man. He's strong, probably stronger than he thinks, quick-minded, and adventurous. Though, he never really has left the secluded village he stays in with his mother, Macaria, nor the forest that surrounds it. He loved that forest though. Hunted in it, played in it, and learned how to master it as he aged. The forest seemed to take him into its womb and nuture him in return. Nature itself seem to do that often to him, and he finds himself dazzled by it. Which shows a great chance of him being a nature/earth god like his grandmother Persephone and Great-Grandmother Demeter.

He has a child-like curiosity about him. And is usually kind and modest. He doesn't try to draw too much attention to himself, well, maybe he just doesn't care about all the attention, cause he can't help but gain attention as the most handsome and strong young man in the village. He's playful as well. He never had to take life too seriously. There was never any danger in the village. There was never anything he had to do or be. All there was-was him and his mother, who spoiled him with her love.


Ariston is the son of John Smith (Alkaios) and Macaria, the Goddess of Blissful Death. He is the grandson of Hades and Persephone and Ares and Aphrodite. And nephew of Hope, Melinoe, Harmonia, and Kenai (and other of Aprhodite's children).

  • Is destined for a romance with Odette.

*He currently has yet to be born!