Ares with his red helmet.

Ares is an NPC/plot device in the Dead God's Wrath RP. He is played by no one in particular, and can be used by anyone for advancement of their story. He is represented by Jason Todd/Red Hood from Batman: Under the Red Hood.


Ares is the God of War, righteous indignation, and courage, and the son of Zeus and his legitimate wife, Hera. He had no wives, his love being war, but the true love of his life is Aphrodite. He had an affair with her, behind the back of her husband Hephaestus, and had many illegitimate children with her, including Eros, Harmonia, the Erotes, and John Smith (Alkaios).



Ares without his helmet.

As the God of War, Ares is considered to be very violent and brutal. War and violences are what he loves most (besides Aphrodite of course). He has a very rebellious nature, very much like your typical teenager. Anger is his favorite emotion, and killing is his favorite hobby. When it comes to Aphrodite, he's extremely jealous. He automatically hates anyone who courts her (with a few exceptions, like his uncle Hades). He's hardheaded, cruel, and enjoys other people's pain. When he's not killing others, he enjoys annoying the other gods, just to get them angry.

He enjoys wearing a red helmet, just for, in his words "shits and giggles". He enjoys wearing his mask around humans, because then they will know who he is and will automatically be frightened. Out of all the gods, Ares considered himself to enjoy the war the most, after all, war is his specialty.



Many consider Aphrodite Ares's one true love, as he never sought to marry anyone else. He, like everyone else, believes Aphrodite to be the most beautiful thing in existence. He hates it when Aphrodite courts other men, especially mortal men, and sometimes may kill some of her other affairs (like Adonis, for example). Still, the God of War has a soft spot for the beautiful maiden, and has never taken his anger out on her, ever.


Ares was always troubled by the fact that Harmonia became the goddess of harmony and concord, as chaos was one of his favorite subjects. Still, he acknowledges her as his daughter and cares for her in his own way, but is nowhere near as close to her as Aphrodite is.


Ares and Hades get along just fine, as war and the Underworld go together hand-in-hand. He was jealous when Hades got involved with Aphrodite, and even had children with her, but Hades was Ares's favorite uncle, and so he held no grudge against him.


Zeus and Ares shared a relationship similar to a terribly rebellious teenager and his strict father. Ares didn't get along with his father at all, and he was definitely not Zeus's favorite son. Still, Ares always wanted to be in his father's good graces, but never got the chance when Zeus was killed. Ares was not extremely upset with Zeus's death, but he was a bit pissed that he never got the chance to win his father's approval.


Ares hates Hephaestus and vice versa. One of the benefits of having an affair with Aphrodite was pissing Hephaestus off, but of course Hephaestus got his revenge when he publicly humiliated both Ares and Aphrodite by catching them in a net and showing them to the other Olympians. Ares makes sure to piss off Hephaestus any way he can.

John Smith (Alkaios)Edit

Ares's youngest son with Aphrodite. Ares gave John his name, Alkaios, meaning "strength". Ares only saw John as a baby due to Hephaestus kidnapping the child and giving him to a pair of mortals. Still, he cared for him, and hoped to raise him to be like a mini-version of him. Like Aphrodite, Ares does not know John's whereabouts.


Thanatos is the God of Death. Ares is somewhat friends with him, or at least appreciates that without him, his love for war wouldn't be as much fun. He shows this when he helped freed Death from his own shackles after the King Sisyphus tricked him. Ares was aggravated that no one died when the other god was not free to perform his duties. Feel free to edit any part of the article.