Aphrodite is an NPC or plot device/minor character in Dead God's Wrath rp. So she isn't played by anyone in
Jessica rabbit

Jessica Rabbit as Aphrodite

particular, but still interacts with some of the other characters in the rp. She is represented by Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. Proclaimed as one of the most beautiful of all the goddesses, she proudly and unshamefully attracts the attention of men and gods alike. She loves passionately and exhibits the very essence of a woman's sexuality.

She tends to do her own thing and avoids meddling too much with the political views and arguments of the other Olympian gods. She doesn't interfere much with the war that is happening, but has become concerned for her children both on Olympus and Earth who must/will take part in it.

She's a loving mother, a passionate lover, and a stylistic diva all around. Though, she can be a bit vain, ill-tempered, and is easily offended.


Aphrodite never had a childhood. She was born from the blood that fell from Uranus when his son Cronus castrated him and threw his genitals into the sea. There, Aphrodite rose from the sea-foam, to which she got her name, fully grown, and beautiful. She soon gives birth to Cupid and the Erotes afterwards. And She later then joins the other gods on Mount Olympus were she is given as a bride to Zeus's son Hephaestus, a black-smith god.

Unhappy with her marriage to the deformed god of Iron, Aphrodite frequently seeked companionship from others, mostly from the god of war, Ares, to whom she had many children with including: Harmonia, John Smith (Alkaios), Phobos, and Deimos.

She also had several affairs with mortal men, giving birth to demi-gods such as Enryx and Aeneas.


Below are a list of characters that Aphrodite is currently in contact/associated with.


Eros is Aphrodite's beloved first born. She's highly protective of him, which she showed when Eros fell in love with the beutiful mortal Psyche. Jealous of his affections for the mortal woman, Aphrodite made several attempts to seperate them, but in the end she could not deny the love her son felt for Psyche, and decided, eventually, to give them her blessing. (Cupid is his Roman name, he is referred to as Eros in Greek)

The Erotes:

Anteros, Himeros, and Pothos are Aphrodites others son, represented as winged-gods who flock around her and serve as her close companions and Cupid's playmates. They represented requited love, unrequited love, and the longing for love.

Aphrodite with Harmonia.

Harmonia (Jem):

Harmonia is Aphrodite's daughter with Ares. She's close with her daughter who serves as a messenger for her and her eyes on her other children and creations on Earth.

Hope (The Lady Death):

Hope is Aphrodite's daughter with Hades. Aphrodite didn't get a chance to be apart of Hope's life for long. Fearing what Hephaestus might do and what he has tried before on some of her other children, she sent Harmonia to hide Hope away on Earth, where she could be safe until she was strong enough to come back to Olympus and join her. But Hephaestus soon discovered Hope's whereabouts two years later and had his mother, Hera, stripped half of the child's immortality making her a demi-god, forever forbidden to enter Olympus. Aphrodite weeped for her daughter but ordered Harmonia to keep a close eye on the babe as she grew.

John Smith (Alkaios):

John Smith is Aphrodite's youngest son with Ares. She adored him so when he was a babe, but Hephaestus soon learned of the illegimate child, kidnapped him, and hid him away on Earth to be raised my a mortal couple. Til this day, Aphrodite does not know of his whereabouts, only Harmonia does, but she hasn't told her parents about it, in fear that John might hold a grudge against them.

Aphrodite with Mulan


Mulan is an angel and one of Aphrodite's creations. She created Mulan to be a sort of gift to humanity. She sent Mulan to Earth and allowed Harmonia to teach the spirit about the importance of peace and untiy to help her be a guide to her [Aphrodite's] followers on Earth.
Ares and Hephaestus:
Ares is the God of War, and Aphrodite's one true love (even though she has many other affairs on the side). And Hephaestus is her deformed husband who is a blacksmith god. Aphrodite never cared too much for him, but feared his wrath upon her children.
  • Aphrodite is open for other relationships/associations. Feel free to use her in your parts and stories to represent the Goddess of Love. (and if anyone needs the movie, Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, then send me, IrisRainbow, a pm via Youtube. Thanks).

Where is she now?

Probably somewhere on Mt. Olympus striking envy into the hearts of others.