Anya is the demi-goddess of Shadows and Night, the daughter of Nyx and Erebos, and the little sister of Phoebus.


She can read and control ONLY human's mind. She can reach into a persons thoughts, read them and then control them like puppets.

Though her powers are really useful, she feels like her parents prefered her brother over her, just because he had more strength and his powers were slightly stronger than hers.

When the war started, she took the God's side, by helping them in the courts in search for useful infromation from humans.


Anya grew up all with a complicated relationship with her family. She got along really well with her older brother, Phoebus, but as she was growing up, she started to feel like Phoebus was the focus of attention for her parents. She felt like all their love was given to him, and she always felt pushed aside, or compared to him, like she wasn't as important as her brother. Though their parents were really kind and loving, they weren't really one of those who expressed their feelings. For Anya, that was the same thing as having no feelings at all. She needed to hear an "I love you" from her mother, or an "I'm so proud of you" from her father to actually believe it.

Anya's power were really useful when they had any problems with a human, but that didn't happen very often, since the humans, before the murder of Zeus, were quire respectful to their Gods.

After Zeus's death and once the war started, her parents and all the Gods in the Olympus requested help from Anya. She gave it to them, making her a very special weapon to win the war. She started to actually feel like she wasn't compared to her brother anymore, and that she was just as powerful as him. But Anya must be careful- all the power can take control of your mind.