Amelia is the daughter of the war godess, Sehkmet and a semi-egyptian sailor who met her during his journeys. Due to her mother's real from, there is more cat than human in her look. She believes that demi-gods should stand on their two feet. Her goal in the war is to gather a group of demi-gods and form a third front.

Amelia is played by Mi-lu00000.


Amelia is very headstrong, preferring acting to waiting. On a daily basis, she is passionate about everything she is doing and won't stop until she reachs her goal.

She takes great pride in who she is and can be arrogant towards humans and even demi-gods she doesn't like. She won't beg. Amelia's pride can lead to her being headstrong to the point she is ready to be the opposition just to make others angry.

As her is mother is a goddess of war, she is fond of justice. Amelia doesn't see anything "wrong" with common laws. However, Amelia is kind of a hypocrite as she doesn't actually believe they apply to her. She loves freedom and can't bear imprisonment; when she is imprisoned, she behaves like a caged animal and is very aggressive. She feels the best having blue sky and sun above her head.


Sun Battery - As Sekhmet is also an goddess of sun, Amelia draws her energy from sunlight. Most of her abilities depends on the amount that she gets. When night comes, most of her powers decrease, as she can't fuel them with constant light. Amelia has also a ability to release gathered enegry to cause sunburns or sunstrokes on her enemies.

Strength - Amelia is stronger than any regular human, but not as strong as a normal god. She could carry two man with her bare hands and still have enough energy to defeat them. This ability depends on amout of sunlight she gets. After nightfall, her strength decreases by at least half.

Speed - Being mostly cat, Amelia runs and fights with cat speed and grace. After being knocked down, she still has her speed, but 5 or more days in a dark place could take enough energy to render Amelia unable to move.

Heightened Senses - All of Amelia's senses are much more sensitive than a normal humans. She can hear a whisper from many meters away, and can also see in the dark.

Sharing Energy - If there is a group of people, Amelia can share her life energy with them. This makes them strong and faster; however, how much energy they have depends on how much sunlight/energy Amelia has.