Alice is a demigod and the daughter of Hemera, the goddess of the sun.


Alice can forms darkness around her, and can make it rain. When she is happy, the sun shines. When she is sad, it turns cloudy. When she becomes angry- it's still a mystery to what might happen.


Alice is kind, curious, independent, and she has feelings for the humans. She has a lot of mixed emotions that she tries to hide to in order to control her powers.


When Alice was a baby, her mother left her on earth to live with her human father. She and her father never really connected to each other. When Alice turned 15, her father left her alone in the woods because he was afraid of her.


Alice wandered alone to find someone to help her. Hopefully, Alice would find her own destiny and decide what to do with her life. One day, when she was exploring the woods, some gods spoke to her. They told her there was a war going on and they need her in it. Alice said she would on one condition: that the humans were left alone. So the gods sent her on a mission to find the other demi gods, and encourage them to join.

Somehow, Alice is in danger, but it's a mystery as to how.