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Akhesa: Daughter of Ra and of Nut

Akhesa (ToKissMyTears) is the daughter of Ra and his lover, Nut. While she is being forced to fight for the gods, Akhesa's true sympathy lies with the humans.


Akhesa is truly a free spirit. Charriot races, pranks, and general merriment are more her cup of tea than being forced to go over boring scrolls with her father, Ra. Akhesa takes life with a grain of sugar, rather than salt, using her wits and intelligence to plot out elaborate pranks and games.

Akhesa is determined to enjoy life as much as possible before she takes up her father's mantle and becomes the goddess of the sun. This causes most to view her as brash, immarture and even tempestuous but soon they realize she is more then that. Witty, fun and kind are words people would also use to describe her.


Akhesa has yet to display her powers to anyone but Phoebus, her siblings and Tulio. For now she let's her wits be her greatest power.


Akhesa was born long before the other demigods, with the exception of Phoebus, as well as some of the current gods who rule in Olympus. Though older than a sizable number of other deities, she was born the youngest of her siblings. Despite being born the youngest, her father chose her as his successor, which, unfortunately, did not sit well with Ra's other offspring. Which caused alot of in fighting amongst them but Ra decreed there would be no more of this and that his will was law. So Akhesa remained unburdened by the looming threat of harm for the majority of her childhood.

It was during one of her father's trivial matters with the gods of sun and moon which Akhesa found to be a complete bore, that Akhesa met Phoebus. It was prank at first sight, so to speek. As Phoebus can still remember where the water balloon hit and just how cold it had truly been, the two have become inseparable, both polar opposites like the sun and the moon. Akhesa has always been by his side since then standing with him through thick and thin. They played together as children through the majority of their lives and still do now as adults.

But when she was the tender age of 14 she learned of what she would become who she would become... and for that fact she, unlike most of her other siblings, had no true wish to become the next leader of the egyptian pantheon, and spent most of her time enjoying the days she has left. Though her father Ra wished that she would take things more seriously, he still permitted Akhesa to do, for the most part, as she wished, knowing full well what awaits her when she takes her place on his throne. This caused a definite strain on the relationship between daughter and father even though they love one another Akhesa cannot help but be angry with him. On the same night she learned of her fate she ran to Phoebus and for the first time the moon god watched the playful sun goddess cry even though she never told him why.

As the years went on, new gods, demigods, and other creatures such as angels and demons came into power. While a myriad of people eagerly joined in to fully support the new celestial beings, Akhesa held back, not a fan of those who were new to their godhood. After all, Akhesa was born and raised in adherence to an older tradition. Thus was offended by some of the things these celestial beings demanded of mankind and how it dived the people from the old traditions, nearly wiping out other pantheons around the world.

Now that Zeus has died, Akhesa has found herself summoned to Olympus with her father, forced to join the gods on the war against humanity, though if it were up to her, she would have joined the humans because she feels they are not truelly at fault. Her mission is to delay the gods as long as possible, keep them infighting over Zues's position while she tries to give the humans a sporting chance at this fight.


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Akhesa and Phoebus

Phoebus]]: Akhesa's best and oldest friend. The two have known each other since before the other demigods were even a twinkle in their parent's eyes. Akhesa does her best to loosen Phoebus up, perhaps to make him smile, while Phoebus strives to keep Akhesa's mischevious behavior in check. They are truely like the sun and the moon, always trying to balance the other and Phoebus sometimes literally chasing Akhesa around XD. A little know fact is that Akhesa is actually in love with Pheobus and has been for many many years though she has not found the courage to say it to him. This is mostly due to the fact they are from different pantheons and that she knows once she takes over for her father they could never be together. So while she doesnt say it out loud Akhesa takes it upon herself to tease Phoebus as much as possible, hoping one day the greek demi-god's will finally snaps and he makes her his own. And heaven help someone who does turn Pheobus' head other then herself, Akhesa is a jealous woman. She truelly doesnt know if Phoebus cares for her in that way even though she knows him better then anyone else.

Nut: is Akhesa's mother... goddess of the sky. She loves her mother with all her heart and is treated well by her mother, embraced in her welcoming arms every night. Akhesa was born out of love and so her mother harbours no ill will to her or her father. As Akhesa's mother during her childhood the little demi-goddess would spend the night with her looking over the stars and constellations to be returned to her father in the day. Akhesa loved spending the night with her mother watching the gods of the night whom her mother helped with their daily task. Nut can easily be blamed for Akhesa's attraction and companionship with the demi-god.

Ra: is Akhesa's father, head of the egyptian pantheon and god of the sun. It is said that the will of Ra is passed on through the Pharoah's of Egypt but the power of Ra was passed on through the female heirs. Everyday Akhesa would ride with him on his boat to learn about her role as the future sun god. He hired many of the best to train her mind, always expecting the best of her. But while loving he was a very strict parent to Akhesa, very set in the old traditions. This caused friction between the two of them for many years and still does as Akhesa grows more and more willful.

Shai/Shait: is the egyptian god/goddess of fate, for some unknown reason Akhesa despises him/her. He/She is the only person in the world it seems Akhesa truely hates. Not even Phoebus knows why.

Tulio: The son of Posidon is a dear friend to Akhesa, and also her most foundest pranking buddy. They met long ago and since then have bonded over many subjects; annoying siblings, cruel father figures, and a love of being rebellious to name a few main reasons.

Melody: she has never met the girl though she knows that Tulio has a younger sister that annoys him.

Sekhmet: her older sister and Esme's mother. As siblings they do not care for eachother much, mostly because Akhesa loves to irk her just like she does Esme.

Esmerelda : is Akhesa's niece by her sister Sekhmet. Their views on one another are quite interesting, with Akhesa constantly trying it irk Esme whenever the chance arises and Esme trying to scold Akhesa while at the same time trying to be respectful of her aunt. It creates hilarious moments especailly when Akhesa uses her position on the pantheon for her advantage against Esme. She had no contact with Esme as she was growing up so she has no idea the hardships her little niece has had to endure, though while she is a pain she is always there for a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear.

Moses: is Akhesa's nephew.

Mulan: She only saw the angel once briefly on one of her visits to Olympus to visit Phoebus and thought nothing of her. Though now she has heard that the little angel is actually rising up against the gods, she envys the freedom of that choice.

Recent SightingsEdit

Akhesa has currently been spotted running around the halls of Olympus with Tulio, plotting more pranks and delicious fun. Usually with Phoebus at their heels trying to stop them.