Aengus is an NPC/plot device in Dead God's Wrath RP. He is not played by anyone and can be used freely for plot development.


Aengus is the son of Dagda and Boann of the Irish Gods. He was born out of an affair and his father made it so the sun and moon stopped for nine months so he was technically gestated, and born in one day. He is the God of Love, Youth, and Poetic Inspiration. He had an affair with a human woman and conceived Clara.


Aengus is very clever. He tricked his father to gain land, for example. He has no issues with vengeance and has carried it out many times. Despite this, he is very romantic as well as poetic. He finds family to be very important and will do anything to protect them.



Aengus is rather close to his daughter and is greatly upset that she did not agree to side with him and the other gods in the war.